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On disc: Darkest Seed

- The Seed Is Rising - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Seed Is Rising

The Seed Is Rising
(self-released - 2007)

The young trio from Brazil is presenting 2 of their own songs and a cover version on this demo EP. They open up with The Darkest Seed which is a powerful melodic heavy tune which somehow let me think of Victory - late 80's / early 90's stuff -, but there is something else.... The song has slower parts and is quite catchy. Good guitar play by Ricardo Reolon. Later in the song they add some deep spoken words which adds a dark feeling and change the atmosphere of the song for a moment. With Silent Scream they offer a straight rocker with lots of groove which seems to be influenced by Scandinavian acts... Singer and bassist Benhur Lima has a powerful voice and know how to express himself - sometimes powerful, then vulnerable. Guitarist Ricardo finds time and space to show different influences in his play - as well as drummer CÚsar de Campos - and so Darkest Seed offer an interesting mix of melody and heaviness.
It takes guts to cover Queen! They do cover The Show Must Go On. A slower version of the Queen hit and musically it works, but surely singer Benhur Lima can't keep up with Freddie Mercury, even if he's doing a good job. But Freddie Mercury was an extraordinary singer and there maybe a handful of singers who can keep up with him, but they don't dare!
Go to the bands webspace and download this EP and see yourself!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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