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On disc: Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Saldorian Spell - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Saldorian Spell

Saldorian Spell
(War Anthem Records - 2009)

...And so we enter the fifth chapter in the continuing saga of raw German black metal band Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, their fourth full-length album entitled Saldorian Spell.
The eight song album is enshrouded in Slaughtercult's trademark style of album cover, a very stark black and white picture of some sort of mysterious occult ritual being performed. For those that like to keep abreast of such things it may also interest you to know that the band have chosen to use their old, more legible logo on this release.
A brief introduction of some mysterious woodland and ritual ambience leads into the title track before the real assault begins. If you've heard Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult before then you know what to expect, if not then prepare yourself for the most uncompromisingly brutal and evil assault on your senses you have ever heard. I mean evil, too. This album, indeed all of Slaughtercult's releases, just exude this aura of absolute hatred for the human race and when combined with the crunching guitars of Onielar and Velnias and the incessantly pounding drums of Horrns this is a recipe for some great black metal.
I have heard DNS be critizised for being unoriginal by some, but if unoriginality can lead to a band producing album after album of such high quality black metal then I'm all for it. What DNS do have in spades is talent. Each and every song is crafted and structured to perfection, the frenetic guitar work and drumming flawless.
Of course a Slaughtercult review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the piercing shrieks of Onielar instantly recognizable and always capable of delivering a vocal performance that would give young children nightmares, Onielar is without a doubt one of the best black metal vocalists ever.
For me, Hora Nocturna marked Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult's best album to date with a combination of face melting, blasphemous black metal and some catchy hooks that were perfect for headbanging. Saldorian Spell continues this tradition without ever really pushing the previous album for the top spot. There are some DNS classics on here though; the title track, Descent To The Last Circle and album finisher The Saturnine Chapel will all stick in your mind long after the last diabolical chord has finished. I'm sure the slaughter will continue!

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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