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On disc: Dark Design

Prey For The Future - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Prey For The Future

Prey For The Future
(Heaven And Hell Records - 2013)

Dark Design is a new band that has finally gathered energy and strength to finish the work on their debut album Prey For The Future. A good collection of songs where the priority is on thrash metal in different variations. Dark Design are talented, has the guts to do unexpected things on their first album, In Medias Res is the slow opener, instrumental and could turn possible fans away, but anyway they bring it forth. Also the last song, Dust In The Wind is very different with a sweet epos of hard rock filled with energy enough to continue long way into the future.

Where Dark Design makes their point is on Abiding Contempt, where they turns the aggression thrash metal to the boiling point. Also great qualities on the guitar work are to be found in the song Dragonmount, bursting with power metal enjoyment. The drums gets their time in Meditations, hard aggressive thrash metal that makes good promises for their career. Why not make it all even more powerful as they do in Spice World, here the listener is knocked over with very aggressive power thrash metal with enormous bite and potential.

The only thing to make the music a little sour, is that the songs are fading out towards the last part, so it seems that there is no quality ending, that's a shame, because it could have left a last impression of a great hit in the face.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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