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- Tribal Initiation Ceremony - Volker Raabe - 6 stars

Tribal Initiation Ceremony

Tribal Initiation Ceremony
(self-released - 2006)

The five musicians are coming from Kassel (Germany) and present their debut album Tribal Initiation Ceremony. The guys play melodic speed / power metal and can be compared with Custard and Edguy. From the 9 great tracks - the production could be more powerful - the slightly progressive song Mirrors (a touch of Nevermore), the title track and the funky Keep Burning Out are the highlights. The ballad Way Of The Cross is a filler, an awful try to do some balladesque one and this filler put down the rating. Anyway, if you support the underground and give newcomers a chance then contact:
Markus Briehle, Schlo▀ńckerstr.46b, 34130 Kassel, phone: +49-561-65850
or send an e-mail to: (The information sheet don't tell a prize.)

6 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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