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On disc: Dark Age

Acedia - Lars Björn - 8 stars


(AFM Records - 2009)

Well, what can I say about this? It's only one year since Dark Age released their latest album Minus Exitus, a good album that was very popular. Normally they play brutal black metal, but now with this new monster album you sit down and wonder: What is this?
Eike, Jörn, Alex, Martin and Andre may not realize what they have done, but this album Acedia is one of the most special albums to come out in a long time.
Their style is still very intense, brutal vocals, heavy riffs, melodic building of the songs. Raw quality. Speed metal mixed with soft choirs, synthesizer pop, music full of rhythm, then thrash metal, but moving to elements of dance music, something that would best be described as hard pumping metal disco. You should think that this is completely messed up, but actually the quality stands out clearly.
There are 11 songs and the best ones are Kingdom Nevercome, Devote Yourself To Nothing, Snake Of June and Babylon Riots. The rest follows close behind with their variety of styles. If I should only buy 5 albums this year, Acedia would be one of them!

8 stars

Lars Björn


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