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On disc: Danzig

Deth Red Sabaoth - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Deth Red Sabaoth

Deth Red Sabaoth
(AFM Records - 2010)

The Misfits / Samhain founder and singer Glenn Danzig started Danzig back in 1987, leaving the horror punk behind to focus on heavy metal with a touch of doom. The first 4 albums all became classics, but then Blackacidevil was showing industrial elements and quite a few Danzig fans turned away from the band. Since the mid-90's a few more albums saw the light of day, but none could bring back Danzig as strong as in the early days. Now Glenn Danzig wants to prove that Danzig is still alive and kickin'. Six years after Circle Of Snakes it's time for Deth Red Sabaoth!
They kick off with Hammer Of The Gods, a heavy rocker which shows that Danzig is still based in heavy metal, even if Tommy Victor (Prong) plays guitar, he doesn't change the sound. Doom passages show reminiscences to Black Sabbath, but with Glenn Danzig's unique vocal style they will never sound too much like Black Sabbath. At The Revengeful the vocals sound a lot like Jim Morrison, but that's nothing new, it's just nice to see that some things never change. The refrain is catchy and brings back memories of their early days... Rebel Spirits could be an old track, left over from the early days, but it also shows that Glenn Danzig's voice isn't as strong anymore. At Black Candy Mr Danzig took over the drums from Johnny Kelly. Somehow Black Candy is enchanting. I don't know what it is, but I wonder why they haven't choose this one as the first single... The single On A Wicked Night is slowly kicking off, a kind of singer / songwriter style and so isn't carrying the legacy of the early Danzig releases, even if later in the song they go full force. Beside that the line On A Wicked Night is repeated over and over again and fails to hook you up. Another highlight is Deth Red Moon! This is what Danzig fans have waited for since Danzig 4! Ju Ju Bone is almost like Elvis is singing a Southern rock tune. Very cool.
Night Star Hel has its moments, but can't keep up with songs like Deth Red Moon. Pyre Of Souls is split into 2 parts, and the first part - Incanticle - is again more singer / songwriter-kinda stuff. Seasons Of Pain, the second part, is a heavy rocker and is what Danzig fans are looking for, even if it also shows a different facet. The guitar gives it psychedelic touch, one might say it's more Doors-like then other songs. The closer is Left Had Rise Above, a track which shows slow passages, heavy riff-based mid-tempo parts and Jim Morrison-like vocals. Nice closer!
The production shows some flaws, but is quite okay - at least compared to the later recordings. But with a top-notch production this would be even better, but the master wanted the organic feel of the 70's analog recordings - and well, nowadays we aren't used to that. But hell, if the track is good, it shines through! Danzig is back!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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