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On disc: Dantalion

Return To Deep Lethargy - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Return To Deep Lethargy

Return To Deep Lethargy
(Unexploded Records - 2012)

Here we the latest news from Spanish black metallers Dantalion, the album Return To Deep Lethargy which is their 4th album in six years. The stay true to their roots, and deliver very fine metal that could easily be labeled heavy metal if it wasn't for the pain in the growls and the slightly overdone drum work. But nevertheless Dantalion has made a brilliant CD where they include a fantastic cover version of Katatonia's song Murder. They are not making things difficult, and their 7 songs will hit wherever there is black metal fans to receive them. The first song is Pain And Lethargy where they show that elegant guitar sound also have a place in black metal along with the bombastic rhythm of which the song is based. Onward To Darkness is super melodic with perhaps too much drums and the vocals are drowning in painful and tormented growls, but the song is still fantastic as it is. The Arrival Of Silence has a fresh rhythm where the guitars really show a great attitude in a kind of multi metal performance, one of the best song on the album. The End Of The Path continues with fast and still elegant melodic guitars, again the drums are dominating but in a good way that are not disrupting the music for them. Last song is the cover version of Katatonia's song Murder, and what a monster cover they do here. Hard and melodic work that fits very fine for the style that Dantalion already master.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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