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On disc: Danger Zone

Undying - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Avenue Of Allies - 2012)

Danger Zone started in the early 80's and had an EP released in 1984. In the early 90's they disbanded and in 2011 3 of the original members reunited and recruited a bass player. Last year A Line Of Fire was released, a collection of songs off their demos.

Now the Italians are back with a new album - Undying. Most songs are new ones, but I'm not familiar with Danger Zone to know all their demos. The opener is the title track Undying, a melodic rocker. Singer Giacomo Gigantelli has a powerful voice and he reminds me a bit of Mat Sinner... But there is something else in his voice... And the name Danger Zone might got me into the direction of Sinner...

Anyway, songs like Half A Chance are melodic metal songs which an 80's touch and they don't sound backdated at all. The songs don't give away that it's an Italian band! One of my favorites is More Heaven Than Hell, a melodic rocker with heavy riffs and a memorable vocal line. Another one is I To I, an 80's inspired melodic metal tune. It's catchy and offers a cool but short guitar solo.

Fans of melodic metal / hard rock should give Danger Zone a chance!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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