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On disc: Danger Danger

Revolve - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Frontiers - 2009)

Ted Poley is back with Danger Danger and their new album Revolve! Not the original line-up, but quite close to it, coz only guitarist Andy Timmons is missing who got replaced by Rob Marcello. The US rockers kick off with That's What I'm Talking About, a cool rocker which has the 80's flair, but sounds fresh and modern. A catchy hook and a chorus to sing along - that's what Danger Danger have been known for and that's what they deliver. With Ghost Of Love they offer another catchy tune, a bit fast and a bit different compared with the opener. Drummer Steve West and bassist Bruno Ravel deliver the sonic playground for guitarist Rob Marcello who shows his talent in a song supportive way, but also with emotional lead parts. But Danger Danger is Ted Poley, his voice make them special. With a melancholy touch they present Killin' Love, towards the end the keyboard becomes a bit more prominent and then they add some giggling sounds of baby. Okay, that's I wouldn't miss... They speed up again for the catchy Hearts On The Highway. No hard rock album without a ballad! And with Fugitive they present a ballad based on acoustic guitar and vocals. And that's all it needs. After the rocker Keep On Keepin' On they present a melodic rocker called Rocket To Your Heart. First it seems to be a balladesque tune, but then the song explodes! A 80's stadium rock song is FU$! Pure fun! With Never Give Up you get a semi-ballad with a cool guitar passage and a nice hookline. The closer is called Dirty Mind and the opening riff reminds me a bit of The Who, but then it's more a Bryan Adams-kinda song. Anyway, an ear catcher! Don't resist to hit the repeat button to spin the CD one more time.
Revolve would have been the perfect album for the summer... Cruising on a sunny day and listening to this CD, well next time... Call it hard rock, hair metal, glam, whatever you like, but it's fun! Great comeback album, hope to see them on tour!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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