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On disc: Daemon

- Eye For An Eye - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Eye For An Eye

Eye For An Eye
(Diehard Music - 2002)

This is the 3rd album of Daemon and his mastermind Anders Lundemark. Containing 11 death metal tracks all on a high quality level! If you listen to the songs you might not believe that this is recorded by a trio! Lundemark asked drum legend Gene Hoglan to take part before he started writing songs. Luckily Hoglan agreed, coz his excellent drumming is the backbone of the Daemon sound!
Starting the album with an intro of spoken words and sounds which reminds us of what we see on TV these days from Afghanistan. Anders Lundemark made a statement about this explaining that he wrote about the prophecies of Nostradamus before and that the album also has tracks dealing with fanaticism, so this intro was taken from a documentation about terrorists and their aim to destroy the American society. He want to make sure that they aren't sympathize with the Taliban! The track Truth Be Known is about religious fanaticism.
Crucifiction is a song dealing with the business of the Templar. The first words are by Marlon Brando and taken from the movie Apocalypse Now, but aren't really linked to the lyrics. But not every track is dealing with historical stuff, some are just about daily life like Gone Forever which tells to think about the good things in life and to say fuck it, if necessary and to leave something behind. Musically the tracks are fast, but not hyperfast, technical death metal. But death metal fans won't expect anything else from this trio!!! Buy it!!! Listen to it!!!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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