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On disc: Dada Ante Portas

The Theory Of Everything - Gisela Schmitz - 2 stars

The Theory Of Everything

The Theory Of Everything
(Gadget Records - 2009)

The Swiss band Dada Ante Portas is existing since 1997 and their album The Theory Of Everything is their 5th album. But if you listen to the album, you would expect to listen to a debut. Probably it's because bassist and founding member Mitch Prest left the band just before the recordings. On the other hand they hired producer and bass virtuoso Fabio Trentini, so this shouldn't have happen. The music is a mix between Brit Pop and guitar-based punk, so nothing special... But quite disturbing. Somehow these elements don't want to go along, they differ too much. They should focus on one or the other and don't try to mix up the different styles. Okay, the songs have drive, but somehow it seems that the band thought, 'okay, let's add a dash of this and a bit of the opposite - et voilá the kids will love it'. I doubt it, coz the songs lack power and production which is rawer... The production is too polished. You can't gain anything with this 'concept' and won't make friends. Too many new bands are around these days - and they are more innovative and more vivid. Sorry, but this album I wouldn't even recommend to my enemies!

2 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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