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In Words: Cycle Of Pain

- John 'JD' DeServio - February 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Cycle Of Pain
© Cycle Of Pain

John 'JD' DeServio - February 19th 2011 (by email)

John 'JD' DeServio most metalheads know as the bassist of Black Label Society, but in 2009 the released an album with his first band - Cycle Of Pain. Their self-titled debut was recorded more then 20 years after the founding of COP. And now 2 years after the US release it's in stores in Europe. Time to learn more!

Cycle Of Pain is a new band for the majority - even if the album was released in the US in 2009 -, but in fact it's an old band. How does it feel to release an album after more then 2 decades?

It's insane really!!! I got a record deal, based on all kinds of music I had recorded. Jazz, funk, and some rock stuff. It was great to put the band back together and get to record an album.

Have you always played together? Or have there been years the band was on hold? Perhaps due to your careers....

We always played together throughout the years. Sometimes more frequent than others. It's tough when everybody is on tour with different bands.

Which bands made you start Cycle Of Pain?

BLS, and everybody that influenced me musically.

Have the songs been written through the years? Or when you decided to do a record?

Both. we had tunes written for years and I wrote a bunch more when I got a record deal.

You know, people always want to categorize bands... How would you describe your sound?

Rock. All styles of rock. Funk rock, jazz rock, heavy metal, power groove, a fusion really.

There are reminiscences to BLS which isn't a big surprise, but there are also references to early Soundgarden... At least for me. Did Soundgarden have influenced you?

Definetly. Everybody throughout the years, Alice In Chains. Sabbath, Zeppelin, everyone.

You have quite a few guests on the album, how much influence did the guests have? And how did you choose who will be part of it?

They just did what I asked pretty much. When Gregg brought me Do My Work, I knew Sen dog would be perfect on that tune. Everybody on it are my friends, and people I wanted on it.

Some songs stick out... I See Heaven and Babe show a less heavy side while Do My Work is a kind of crossover track. Which songs represent COP best in your opinion?

14 Devils and 5. They were written by all of us.

What's the story of Egypt?

I was diggin on the half whole scale. It was very Middle eastern sounding. Egypt was a working title and I would up keeping the name.

Have you considered to do a video clip? Which song would you like to visualize?

Dead Man Walkin would be a phat video.

A look at YouTube shows quite a few live shots from fans. A compliment for you?

Always!! Our fans are the best in the world!!

What's on your schedule next?

I'm touring the world with BLS right now pretty much for the rest of the year. I'll be writing some new COP in that time frame as well.

Thanks to JD for answering my questions while he's already on tour with BLS in Europe!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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