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In Words: Cryonic Temple

- Magnus Thurin & Leif Collin - Feb. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Cryonic Temple band photo
© Cryonic Temple

Magnus Thurin & Leif Collin
- February, 5th 2009 (by email) -

The Swedish fivesome Cryonic Temple has a new album out and been through major changes. Time to get some answers! Thanks to singer Magnus Thurin and guitarist Leif Collin for enlighten us!

Cryonic Temple has started back in 1996 and you released several albums, but then you've been through some changes. You have 3 new members in the band. Please give us an idea what led to this major change!

Leif: Hmm well things and priorities change in life and we go through different stages in our life, and that is pretty much what happened here. The former members decided to do other things in there life and that is why the changes has been made. And here we are with best album this far! The old members are all great friends to us...

How did you find the new members?

Magnus: I got a call from Esa who asked, if I was interested in joining the band, we hooked up and did a couple of gigs and then I was in the band. Hans contact us and told us that he was interested, we tried him out and he showed us what a talented drummer and great personality he is. Hans then knew Bjorn so he joined us soon after that.

Have you started writing new songs before you had completed the new line-up? How much influence did the new ones have?

Cryonic Temple - Magnus ThurinMagnus: We started from scratch when I joined the band, when Hans and Bjorn got in the band everything was written. I hope I've influenced a lot ;)

I confess that I don't know your previous works, but I heard that you changed musically. What's the difference between Immortal and your previous albums for you?

Magnus: LEIF?

Leif: More aggressive, both the production and the songs. As we don't have much keybords on this album... There is more space for the guitars...

Which songs show best what Cryonic Temple is about in 2009? And why?

Magnus: For me I think Immortal and Beg Me... and Time... Aahh it's hard to say really….. I really love Beg Me, cause I love the aggressive guitars and the contrast that the chorus brings... and I really like As I Sleep too... and Time and Immortal ... and ...

Leif: Immortal and Time I think represents Cryonic Temple well today. Because I think as for example Immortal shows the new more aggressive side and Time has one foot left in the older Cryonic Temple sound.

What are your main musical influence today?

Magnus: Hmm also hard to say but here are some of the bands that I listen to at the moment... In Flames, Symphony X, Queensrÿche, The Sweet, Pantera, Steel Attack, Forbidden, Testament, Vicius Rumors and many more...

Cryonic Temple - Leif CollinLeif: There's so damn much! Helloween, At The Gates, In Flames, Overkill, Running Wild, Iron Maiden, Accept, and many moore...

Please tell us, what's the idea behind the artwork and the title Immortal!

Magnus: The title is on one hand about the band. Many people, I think, had counted out the band, but then we put together what I think the best Cryonic Temple album this far. And on the other hand it's exiting to think about, immortality and that is what the cover illustrates. The cover is done by Carl André Beckston and illustrates a man that is more or less is falling apart, the three women on his head symbolizes the three choices he has to choose from.. Life, death or immortality. And that is why he's falling apart. It's not an easy choice to make with the dilemmas that comes along with it and that is tearing him apart.

The artwork - and the band name - somehow indicate that you like science fiction... Is that true? If so, what book or movie impressed you most?

Magnus: Well, for me personally I'm not that into Sci-fi, but I guess that some of the other are or earlier members to maybe.

Leif: Well, I haven't got anything to do with the band name. And I can't say that I'm into sci-fi that much. I know that Esa and Johan - at least earlier - were into much sci-fi.

Any plans for live shows? A tour?

Magnus: Yes, we're going in tour in March together with Burning Point. Starts in Sweden and then to Finland, Germany, possibly Holland, Denmark and hopefully more countries will be added.
Everyone interested in booking us just get in touch! KEEP YOUR EYES OPENED ON OUR MYSPACE SITE or the new up coming

What's on your schedule for 2009?

Magnus: Well, the tour of course and a new video hopefully in the beginning of February. Then we're already working on new songs for the next album! Hopefully some festivals, if we get the opportunity. Then a couple of weeks vacation in June-July...

Looks like soon we will hear more of the Swedish quintet and a tour with Burning Point sounds really interesting. So, check their webspace to find out, if they play your area and if they do, go an see them live!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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