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In Words: Cripper

- Bass-T - Oct. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Cripper

Bass-T - October, 25th 2009 (by email)

The German band Cripper has released Devil Reveals not too long ago and the band tries to play live a lot, but still they are nobodies to many metalheads. Bassist Bass-T answered all but my last question, that one Britta took over! Enjoy reading!

For many Cripper is a nobody... Please tell us in a nutshell how everything started?

Bass-T: I told everything in a nutshell, but the thing didn't want to write it down, so I guess I'll have to tell you myself. Sorry. ;)
It all started with Christian and Jonathan, they studied together and thought about starting a band since they we're into the same type of music.
As Britta went to audition to another band she got to know Christian and Jonathan. The other band didn't fit with Britta, so the they asked her to join their band. That's how it started. Right after that Dennis joined in. It was actually his first metal band. ;) After 3 bass players I came along and auditioned. It made click right away as soon as we played the first riffs together. ;)

Which bands influenced you? Made you play music?

Bass-T: Oh, that is a tough one. I always wanted to become a singer at first, but a friend of mine asked me to play bass in his band so that they would be complete. I didn't even know what the difference between a bass and a guitar was. ;) So that guy got me into playing music. Later I got into bands like Rage Against The Machine and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. From there on everything went more heavily.
I would say that Cripper's main influences come from bay area bands like Testament and Exodus. Swedish bands like The Haunted also had a big part.
Thrash is something we all love, but we all have all kinds of backgrounds. Dennis is into German hip hop, Britta listens a lot to Faith No More and odd stuff. I love blues, reggae and the Primus kind of Polka. ;)

After a demo you did a self-released album called Freak Inside which is meanwhile released by SAOL and which in the beginning was only available through your website and at concerts. Now you have Devil Reveals out, also through SAOL. So you are satisfied with the SAOL concept?

Bass-T: Yes! Everything is in our hands. We have full control. That's very important to us. But the problem is that we don't have a label, that gives us money to do certain things, like to record an album for example. Right now we have to affort that all by ourselves. We all put money in the band, and maybe we'll never get it back, but once you're on stage rocking, living a small bit of that Rock'n'Roll life, every cent every drop of sweat is worth it!
Let's see what the devil brings, maybe we'll be able to put out the next one via SAOL again, if the records goes well.

I confess that I don't know Freak Inside, so do you see a difference between Freak Inside and Devil Reveals?

Bass-T: Definitely! You see, making a record is somehow like taking a picture of somebody. It's been quite a while now since the Freak photo was taken, and we've all developed. The songwriting is more complex, the intruments have become more technical and Brittas vocals... hear it for yourself!

You played a few shows with Lost World Order and Hatred as Triple Thrash Treat Tour. Do you plan to do something like that again? Perhaps hook up with some other band(s)?

Bass-T: Oh man that was fun. ;) Yes I think we will do that again sometime. I mean we already missed each other one day after the tour. ;) But right now there are no plans for a Vol 3. Hatred are just like us touring, touring, touring and Lost World Order are working on their new album, with will be. after what I heard already, one hell of a record. So we're all busy at the moment, but as soon as we all find some time, who knows... maybe we'll do a TTT World Tour!

Are you growing tired of comparisons with Arch Enemy just because you also have a female singer who is doing extreme vocals?

Bass-T: Kind of. Britta does do a different style of vocals than Angela Gossow or Sabina Claasen (Holy Moses). It's like comparing Chuck Billy of Testament with Phil Anselmo. They are both male singers!

You played quite a few festivals this summer and at festivals not everybody knows the band... How was the general reactions when you entered the stage?

Bass-T: Really great! It was awesome! During our set more and more people came around to watch the show. It was just brilliant. We made lots of new fans and we hope to get some more festivals next year, maybe the same people will be there with some of their friends.

Have you recorded some stuff at the festivals? I'm not talking about pro shots, just something which you might use as a bonus to give people an idea about Cripper live...

Bass-T: Yeah we did. There will be some pro material coming soon. The stuff was shot at the Rock Harz Festival. We don't know when we will put it out, but all I can already say: It's gonna be really cool!

In about a week there is a panel discussion about 'women in metal' at the Cologne Academy for Music & Arts. Britta is part of the panel beside Doro Pesch, Angela Gossow and Sabina Classen. What do you expect from this panel discussion?

Bass-T: Lots of fun! ;) There will be a concert at the end of the congress and we will be playing together with Holy Moses and Doro. We're gonna have a good time and rock the stage massively!

Due to the internet many things changed... What's your most positive experience with the internet?

Bass-T: To reach more fans without moving the arse from the couch. ;) It's also great to keep in touch with friends and fans. That's really important to us. We try to answer every mail and comment every friend request on MySpace with a personal comment.

What's on your schedule for 2010?

Britta: I don't wanna reveal too much since things are not 100% cut & dried... but there might be rumors about touring around spring time... Apart from that we will probably play some summer festivals and keep on songwriting.

Watch out for Cripper shows in 2010! And visit the band's MySpace to make sure you won't miss them!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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