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In Words: Crimson Cult

- Günter Maier - May 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Crimson Cult
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Günter Maier - May 15th 2009 (by email)

Crimson Cult are from Austria and have a strong album to promote. With the self-titled album they should even have a good chance to get attention internationally. But they aren't nobodies! Günter Maier was so kind to answer my questions!

Did you know right after Stygma IV disbanded that you will carry on under another moniker with some other guys?

Somehow Alex and I were aware that sooner or later we will have a band together again. But we needed time to cope with the fact that Stygma IV had come to an end.
We live in the same house, so we always been in touch - and still are.
For us Crimson Cult isn't a way to carry on Stygma IV, even if some zines write this - and we never said anything like that.

Why did you choose the name Crimson Cult? Are you into old horror movies and so got inspired by the Boris Karloff / Christopher Lee movie The Crimson Cult?

We saw the movie incidentally and Alex immediately was convinced that this is the ultimate band name!
And the timing was perfect, coz we just started to work with Walter (vocals) and Beda (drummer) at some songs.

How long did you spend writing the songs for your debut? Have there been songs completely written before the band was together?

Yes, sure. After the split we started collecting ideas. Many ideas. Some songs been created during rehearsals like e.g. In Your Eyes and Centre Of The Universe.

The cover artwork would have made me expect some more extreme band... Who did the cover?

The poor guy is hanging in the forecourt of the chateau. I was passing by many times and always thought his time will come. ;-)
We made a photo and gave it to our cover designer for overdoing. All the photos are done by ourselves - and we are proud of it!

What inspires you? Musically? Lyrically?

Life, TV, everything. Musically we try to do our own thing, but surely we are influenced by the music of the last 30 years.

For which song would you like to do a video? And why?

Lava Machine would be the best choice for a video, coz you can use pyros etc. Beside that it's my favorite on the album.

One song is called Amok... These days it seems that every week we hear about another shooting which is scarry. Have there been a certain event which made you write this one? The song was existing before the last shootings took place...

While writing the song the word Amok popped up, so it was more incidental.
If you have a title for a song, then it's easier to write the lyrics, coz you have a topic. In this case it's about a person which was mobbed and humiliated by someone else for years. And now this changes. By the way, all lyrics are fictional and not autobiographic.

How much do the experiences you made with Stygma IV help you these days? Is it easier, coz you know the biz? Or is it tough, coz you have a history?

There are always to sides of a story. It's an advantage that you know the people you deal with. But on the other hand you always have to stand comparisons with your past. The whining about Stygma IV is nerve-wrecking. We have never seen us as an underrated band and always been happy with what we achieved.

Even in Germany we hear only a little about Austrian bands, does the world ignores you? Or is the scene quite small and so the amount of bands who try to make it internationally?

These days there are quite a few Austrian bands which get attention internationally. Especially the metal scene with all its different shades is growing for a few years.

If you play live - a show or tour - will you also play some Stygma IV stuff? Or is this chapter closed?

Songs aren't owned by a band, they are the composers asset. ;-)
There surely will be some Stygma / Stigmata IV songs live. Especially as we never promoted live our second album The Court Of Eternity in Germany and we know that its the favorite album for many fans.

What else is on the schedule of Crimson Cult?

Doing as much promotion as possible and then we will start writing new songs!

Personally I would love to see them live on tour and some old tunes would be great to hear... I hope they get the attention they deserve and that they get a chance to promote the album live!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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