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In Words: Crazy Lixx

- Danny Rexon - Apr. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Crazy Lixx
© Crazy Lixx

Danny Rexon - April 1st 2010 (by email)

Crazy Lixx have a new album out and there have been through a change after the tour with Hardcore Superstar. Singer Danny Rexon was so kind to answer some questions.

Some might not know the history of the band, but I don't want to go back in history now. But there is something we have to talk about... With Andy Dawson you have a new guitarist in the band - and also someone contributing to the song writing. How did you get Dawson on board?

When we got the news that Vic was leaving for Hardcore Superstar we started looking for a new guitar player and put out the news on the internet that we were on the lookout. Andy was a name that came up when I asked around among my friends in bands from Stockholm, everyone seemed to recommend him and we started talking over the internet about him trying out. So he came down in early May and we did one rehearsal with him and after that we knew he was the right guy.

How much did his involvement changed the sound of the band?

Quite a bit I would say, but then again I was going for a slightly different sound on this album as well, but he definitely has a different style than Vic and I think you can hear that clearly on the new album.

Danny, do you sometimes miss playing guitar? Or are you happy fronting the band?

I still play guitar, just not live with Crazy Lixx. I do all my songwriting with the help of my old trusted guitar and who knows, maybe one day I'll pick up an acoustic guitar to play a ballad live or something. But I wouldn't want to play the guitar and do lead vocals at the same time all throughout a live set.

When I first listened to Children Of The Cross, Skid Row pops up... It has quite a bit of them... My Medicine has a dash of Mötley Crüe and also Skid Row in it, at least for me... Do you take it as a compliment? Or are you annoyed by this comparison?

No problem at all, those are all great bands you mention there and especially Skid Row has always been a great big influence for us and one of the first bands in this genre I started to listen to. I remember when I bought a cassette of Slave To The Grind and at first I just listened to the ballads, but then the harder songs grew on me and I was caught. We are very aware that we sound like the great bands of the 80's, but you see they don't sound that way themselves anymore so in my opinion someone has to pick up from where they left off.

Crazy Lixx is based in the sound of the late 80's / early 90's... You kind keep this sound alive. What makes this sound special for you?

For me that period has always been the greatest hard rock period ever. Even with bands that started out earlier or bands that are still around almost every one of them had their best period in the late 80's and early 90's. It's just something special with the sound, the attitude, the showmanship, everything.

It seems that these days there are quite a few bands from Sweden bring back that sound... Are you proud being part of this movement?

In a sense, yes, but it's also hard since there is a lot of competition around and you have to give it all to stay on top.

One of the first bands starting The New Wave of Swedish Sleaze were Hardcore Superstar, a band you toured with... Have they been influencing you somehow?

Musically, not really. But the way they have gained success shows us and other bands that it's possible to do this and gain a big crowd, even in Sweden. I do however love some of their songs, even if I don't feel particularly influenced by them. They're doing their thing and we're doing ours.

Again you recorded at Polar Studio and Chris Laney produced New Religion, how was working with him?

Great as always. He's a very talented producer and musician and his input means a lot to the final product.

New Religion was released via Frontiers Records. I guess by now you got some feedback from media for New Religion, are you satisfied with the response so far?

Very, there seems to be coming positive feedback from every corner of the world right now and that feels totally awesome. We knew we had made a good album, but it's not until you hear what the reviewers and fans have to say about it that you can be really sure.

The album will also be released in America soon. What do you expect from a US release?

As our last album wasn't released there I'm just hoping as many people as possible get to hear our stuff and hopefully we'll start to build a following. I'd love to go to the US and play a festival there.

I think you really enjoy playing live and a few shows in Sweden are already announced. Can you already tell us something about a tour? Shows outside Sweden?

There will be shows in many European countries, but right now we're focusing on Sweden and the summer festivals and as soon as those are booked we'll see where we can fit in shows elsewhere. Right now it looks like we'll be visiting Germany, Italy, England and Spain at first.

I guess you get fan requests from around the world and not everywhere you can go to, but where would you really like to play one day?

Japan or US would be a blast.

How important is it for you to stay in touch with your fans? Internet? Or meeting fans on tour?

We have a lot of contact with the fans through sites such as MySpace and Facebook and we also like to mingle with fans after our shows. I think it's important to speak to fans and get their view on your band too, after all, they are your customers and the customer is always right, isn't he? =)

What do you think about 'Rock The Boat' or '70000 Tons Of Metal'? Would you like to go on such a rock cruise?

We've played on two cruises here in Sweden and that was cool, so we'd love to do one of the big ones some day, no doubt about it.

What's your biggest dream as a musician?

Making it big, writing a song that becomes an all time classic rock anthem.

What's next on your schedule?

Our tour starts of in my home town of Malmo on the 9th of April and the next day we're travelling to Stockholm to play a one day festival with bands like Hardcore Superstar, H.E.A.T and Bullet. But first off today is rehearsal with the band.

Sounds like we will hear and see a lot of Crazy Lixx in near future. And it's good to know that some bands try to keep the 80's spirit alive!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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