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In Words: Coronatus

- Mats - Jan. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Mats - Jan. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Mats, Aria & Ada - Mar. 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Aria - Jan. 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -


Aria - January 28th 2012 (by email)

Another album, another interview with Coronatus! The first 2 interviews were answered by drummer Mats and in March 2011 I talked to Mats, Aria and Ada while they toured with Haggard. Now it was Aria Keramati Noori's turn to answer my questions.

How did the shows with Haggard work out? Lots of fun? Does Ada feel more comfortable now doing the soprano parts?

The shows with Haggard were amazing. The tour was something really special for us. We played in really amazing places, our line-up worked out really well on stage, the people were just amazing and all in all being on tour with Haggard and Crow7 was just amazingly exciting. I wouldn't say that Ada feels more comfortable, because actually she was always the rock voice. I would say she liked it a lot to change to soprano, because she saw a completely new dimension being opened to her in which she can try and learn a lot of new stuff. That's at least my opinion. Maybe she's going to yell at me because of my nonsense (smile).

At the tour you only had some song ideas... Did you start writing right after the Haggard shows?

We worked on the songs before the Haggard tour, too. There were a lot of stuff done and as you say there were ideas coming up. But the main part of the whole songwriting was done after the tour, because it started to get more close to the studio dates and so our thirst for perfection came up. So to speak it was the time in which the most was created.

When did you start recording? And how long did the recordings take?

Our recordings started in August and ended in September. So all in all it was almost one month and a half. It sounds a lot when you say it like this, but it's always separated in different times for different instruments. So we won't be cut of from normal life for a whole month!

At your YouTube channel you posted some live recordings from the shows with Haggard as well as some studio reports... Can we expect a look behind the scenes more often in future?

Definitely! We are trying to keep our fans up to date. It strengthens the connection between us and our fans. On the other side it's always nice to hear some feedback from people!

Will there be more CoronatusTV episodes? Anything on the way?

There will be. It's one of our goals in the near future. Different stuff is being discussed, but there's still nothing which is clear enough to be talked about.

You did a video clip for Fernes Land, why this track?

Fernes Land represents our album from all of its sides. There were a lot of positive points with this track which made us choose it for a video. For example the perfect length that means it was not too long and not too short, just perfect for the TV. It has pagan, heavy metal and gothic metal influences so it shows our style really well and so on. So it has points a leading song has to have.

Back to Terra Incognita... Again a Latin title, but not much Latin words this album... Why sticking to Latin titles?

At first it fits our name. Second, we did it with our last three albums and we like it so we thought why shouldn't we stick to it! You say there aren't much Latin words on this album and you're right. We just didn't find any song to which a Latin text would fit. It was our thought that it's better not to do it, instead of doing it just because of the fact that we have done it in all the past albums too. The last sentence is written pretty complicated sorry (laughing), you might have to read it three time!

It feels like this time you have more songs with German lyrics... Natural progress?

Yes, we do have, but it just fits the songs better than Latin or English texts. So to speak it was a natural progress which we didn't influence intentionally.

Personally I hope you keep the language mix, but should we be prepared for a German album? Or will you stick to the language mix?

No, there won't be a German album, don't worry. The language mix will remain, but the number of the songs in the different languages will not be the same as the previous albums, because to us the fact that how good the text harmonizes with the music is more important than the usage of different languages.

How was the show in Bad Friedrichshall?

It was really good. It was a lot of fun and cool to play with Seven Nails. I personally really liked the owner of the club. It was a really good club too, so most likely we will play there more often.

Any more shows on the way?

Yes, today we are going to play in Intus in Stuttgart/Botnang. On the 12th of May we are going to play in Sonnenkeller in Balingen. After that we play on the 28th of May on the WGT in Leipzig. More concerts are being planned and every date which is confirmed, is going to be announced on our website
So always keep an eye on the dates!

I guess, you're looking forward to play WGT in May... Any other festivals we will see Coronatus?

Yeah, I'm personally really excited about that concert, because I have never played on the WGT. As I heard the stage and the entire organisation is amazing, so I'm really anxious. Other festivals are on the way. Until now there aren't any other dates set yet, but they will come soon.

Are you planning to play more shows? What else is on you schedule for 2012?

We are definitely planning to play more shows. The planning looks good and if everything works out well, we will have bunch of concerts coming at us. We haven't scheduled anything else for 2012 yet. There were thoughts about another video and maybe some other stuff too, but we aren't sure yet. Our plans and decisions will always be announced on our website or on our Facebook fan page were our fans are and can be in constant contact with us.

To our fans: keep rocking and we thank you for all your support. Hope to see all of you live.

Thank you Claudia for this interview. It was a pleasure.

With kind greetings
Aria Keramati Noori

Let's hope that Coronatus can play live a lot and I guess sooner or later there will be another interview with Coronatus, coz it's always a pleasure to talk to them!

Claudia Ehrhardt


Coronatus: Ada Flechtner + Aria Keramati Noori - live in Essen
Claudia Ehrhardt

Mats Kurth, Aria Keramati Noori & Ada Flechtner -
- March 30th 2011 - Essen (Germany)

Coronatus have been in rough sea lately, some line-up changes they faced and others would have call it quits... Now they play a short tour opening for Haggard and a good chance to catch up.
Drummer Mats Kurth and guitarist Aria Keramati Noori as well as Ada Flechtner were so kind to join me for an interview. I hope I didn't misquote someone, well not Ada Flechtner for sure.

Well, it has been some time since the release of your last album, and there have been some changes. What happened?

Mats Kurth: OK, first of all the main change was, that singer Carmen Lorch got pregnant again, her second child, and this was very time consuming. So she had to take care of her family, so she decided to leave the band.

That's easy to understand. That was just the first change. What was the other changes?

MK: But that was the initial step that made the other changes, because when Lisa Lasch, who was the rock voice on the album Fabula Magna, also quit short time before Carmen did. But this was something we could expect, so it was not so much of a problem for Coronatus, but when Carmen left, of course a lot of things changed. The other members didn't really believe that we could manage to survive this loss. And this was the reason that Jo left, and keyboard player Fabian Merkt got a little bit fed up with the things. But Fabian said: we try it again, and we tried with singer Natalia Kempin. And when it came clear that it did not work, when he said so it's over. So Carmen's leaving was initiating all the other things.

As always to change a singer is the biggest problem a band can face. Because people have to accept a new singer, a problem to find a new replacement, one singer is quite a task and you needed two singers. So it gets even more complicated. There aren't that many female singers in the metal world, even if it's getting better these days, but still there are not that many, and then to find the right replacement... A rock voice are maybe easier to find. Also to find someone in the area, who has the same vision of the music, and everything. So it was a kind of setback from the last album because you couldn't tour.

MK: We had planned a little tour, it was with our booking agency and we had a little tour in small venues. We had to cancel everything of course. Our bass player Todd Goldfinger also left, he was bored a little bit and he did not want to do these gigs, because it was not worth the effort anymore and so on... And everything broke down at that time.

It needs a lot to carry on, and to make money on the music these days as a metal group... Then find daytime jobs and do music, it's time consuming and complicated. There are always changes, so finally you have to make a new band, you're just the last remaining member from the original line-up.

MK: It's true, and the only person that has been a little bit longer time with Coronatus is singer Ada Flechtner, who has been with us two years, and quit. But came back again, so we have really many problems with line-up changes.

You always have to get things right, if you want to play live, adjusting to new people. So it was good that you that Ada came back, because she knows part of the songs. So Ada, how does it feel for you with different counter part of the stage?

Ada Flechtner: It's kind of hard. Me and Carmen Lorch were a perfect team in the end, it worked well between us. It's hard to adopt to someone new, but it's working, we just need some time.

You are on tour now, it will work out faster than just rehearsing. You play together every day. To play 2 shows in a row is not like one every other month, there is still the growing together playing live. Your last show was in two days, so it's only a few days between, it can still make you grow faster together.
Have you already started working on new songs after you get the new line-up?

Aria Keramati Noori: That's a problem, but we have started. We have some rough song ideas that are already there for the next album, but we didn't finish the details of course. We have 5 songs that are grown very far, but not finished yet. Of course we can say that we will make the next album in 2 years or something. But if we say that, and can not make it in 2 years, but in 4 years... that's the reason why we set ourselves a limit, we had a lot of trouble, but we will do it.

You got good response and if you wait too long there is a risk that people will forget about you, with all these other good bands.

MK: Up to the Fabula Magna album we put out one album a year and it was very hard, now it has been two years and this is okay. A normal cycle, but it should not take more time than this, we have planned to release our new album in November 2011, we have booked the studio in August. It's confirmed. After this tour we will start to work very hard on the material, so I'm really sure we will make it.

It's more important that you can play live and that you deliver an new album. Not a comeback, that's not what I mean, but bring back Coronatus to the fans more or less, because now there are people to see you live, you can't do anything else than play live.

MK: For me personally, I think that it's stress, if you limit the time for the songwriting. It's not bad, we need a little pressure to make an album every year and do concerts, that's impossible.

But it don't have to be every year, maybe every two years... that's fine. In this case you haven't had a chance to play live, people haven't seen you on festivals or many shows.

MK: That's the funny thing about us, we already made pictures and after two months there are changes in the band. And the rest of the members are gone.

Maybe you should do no band pictures.... Just single shots...

AKN: We could just put empty bodies and later put faces on them and then release them, good advice. ;)

Or you could work on it on Photoshop or something like that?

MK: It's going to be better, I'm going to hold the band together, even if it is with violence ha ha! There are so many bands that would not survive this, all these band changes, they would have given up. So I think it's a phenomenon that it happened like that, that we are still alive.

You are the driving force of the band, the founding member of the band... What can we expect from the new album? You have already ideas and raw songs ready, with different people in the band, does it effect the music?

MK: I think so, because we have different opinions. I also think that Coronatus songs changed in the past.

That's more a progress, but now with different people in the band... Everybody has a different style, if a band has a stable line-up, there are changes from record to record, it's a progress, but with different people coming in it's probably a different kind of change.

MK: I am not sure about that, because there was also line-up changes in the past, and the outcome in the end was something you can compare. It's not completely different. It will stay the way also this time. Maybe the fact that we have a new keyboard player might effect the sound more than in the past. I don't think that new voices will effect the songs so much.

It's the overall sound of the band.

MK: I think it's clear that there is going to be a little bit of change in the music, this time we will have the most of the songs from 3 persons, and some old songs from past members of the band. There are fewer people involved in the initial songwriting process in the rough versions, but I know that our fans are going to like it. And more people will be our fans after they hear the album. It's going to be good. We hope our fans like it.

Any chance you play more shows here in the future?

MK: We talked about playing shows in Switzerland, but nothing is clear yet.

It's always a big chance to play in different countries, people become more aware of the band. So I guess we have to wait until the new album for you going on a real tour?

MK: I hope that it will be possible... Even as we are not recording yet, we already have a show in Stuttgart. We hope to get shows at summer festivals, that would be great, but maybe it's too late for that... But maybe if another band cancels.... The problem with us touring is, that we are working. So touring is not so easy in any circumstance. The problem is that we are not selling enough CDs that we can live from the music. It's impossible for us.

Also if you aren't playing live, you won't sell more albums....

MK: It's the circle of the devil. Now we are in between levels.

You just have to wait for the new album, and see where it takes you to.

MK: It's also expensive to do a support tour, but hopefully we get something that fits.

So then we will see when the new album comes and talk again.
Ada, how was it for you to get back into the band again? You left for some reason, what was the reasons?

AF: It was a time problem, and I haven't solved it yet. But it's getting better.

But if you are going on tour, is it hard for you as a woman to go on tour?

AF: It's hard for a woman to go on tour, the men always hang around, but where can women change clothes etc. It's a problem.

A kind of privacy problem?

AF: It's different for women. But we are two girls in the band, so we usually can find a room to get dressed etc.

I'm looking forward to hear the 'new' Coronatus - tonight on stage and hopefully soon on their new album....

Claudia Ehrhardt
(transcript: Lars Bjrn)



Mats - January, 22nd 2010 (by email)

Coronatus have a new album and so it's time for another interview. Again drummer Mats answered my questions!

First of all, please tell us about the change at the microphone! And how you found Lisa?

We casted Lisa even two years ago together with Ada. In that time we decided to take Ada into the band since she was 2 years older (Lisa was only 16). Furthermore, in that time Lisa's singing abilities have been very good already, but not so controlled and steady as we need it for the dual vocals and choir work we always do. So the decision fell on Ada. However, we kept in touch with Lisa, since she lives in the same region of Stuttgart.
When Ada left the band due to her studies at the university, we contacted Lisa again. In the last 2 years she did a lot of singing education and her voice had improved very much. She sounded much more mature than before. Since her voice was even more 'rock-like' than Ada's, it was an easy thing to see, that it would be good for the concept of Coronatus to include her in the band.

Your new album is called Fabula Magna. It's been just one year since Porta Obscura and you had not just to look for a new singer... An outburst of creativity with the new members?

Right, partly! We would not have made it in that short time, if we did not work so hard on the material than we did! But we love what we do and keeping this in mind, it is not so much 'work', but passion.
Anyway, we had six people contributing songs to Coronatus, not only one person doing all the songwriting. Thus, it is much easier to get the material for a whole new album.

Why the title Fabula Magna?

This album simply deals with sagas, legends, fairy-tales and so on. Many of them German ones and local ones. In the childhood there is nothing more impressing than listening to that kind of stories, sitting there with wide open eyes and listening to the evening tale; or later reading books with such stories in only one day! It is an impressing thing and it makes scenes and pictures come alive in the readers mind. So we decided to try to bring it to the listeners ears, too.

Please tell us a bit about the lyrics! I think Geisterkirche is based on a legend...

First, I should tell, that the English translations of all German lyrics will soon appear on our homepage. So it will be easier to understand the meanings of our lyrics also for international fans.
Geisterkirche: it means 'church of ghosts'. The story tells about an old woman going to church at night where she finds all those ghosts, some of them headless and rotten, but somehow looking familiar to her.... She flew in panic (chorus tells something like "now you should run for your live...") thereby losing her jacket. On the next day she returns to get the jacket back, but what she finds is only one little piece of the jacket on every grave in the graveyard... So, it is a typical spooky story!

Der Fluch is inspired by The Flying Dutchman. Not the first time to pick up this classic. Why did you decide to do it? And have you ever thought about doing a whole concept album about The Flying Dutchman? Or some other Wagner piece? Like The Ring Of The Nibelung...

The reason for using this story is simply because it is so fascinating. Ghostships stories are even told nowadays e.g. films like John Carpenter's The Fog or Steve Beck's Ghostship.
Up to now, we did not think about a whole concept album, but who knows, maybe we will do this someday. Would be fun, I suppose. And it is a good idea to use some Wagner stuff; it would fit to Coronatus very well. We will see...

Or Bedřich Smetana's M Vlast which is based on myths and legends?

Actually, I don't know this work. I only know that it is very famous Czech stories with historical background.

What inspired you to write Josy?

Josy is the only story on the album that has no traditional background. It was our own idea. We wanted to describe the prohibition times in the USA, the swing-era, the gangster milieu and so on...
A waitress friend, a dancer named Josy, saved the waitress from being shot by a gangster. But it turned out, that Josy had been killed before. So, she came back from death to save her best friend...

How was it to be on stage with the new line-up? And how was it to play at Metal Female Voices Festival?

The MFVF has been the greatest experience for us. It was an incredibly large stage! This gig was the very first one with Lisa and she did the job well. Our new second guitarist Aria could not come with us, since he had no travel permission. He is from Iran and first has to get his residence permit for Germany.

Coronatus already been through some line-up changes, do you have some live footage from some shows which you might use in future as a bonus track? Do you have an official video channel at YouTube or similar hosting sites?

Actually I do not know, if we have some live material to use for future bonus material. We have to check our 'archives'. At YouTube there is nothing official, but we have an official MySpace site.

At the moment there are just a few one-off shows scheduled... Any more in the making?

Yes, we try to get some gigs and festival shows this year, but we are still looking for a competent booking agency. If possible we would like to play a small tour also.

What's on your schedule next?

The making of some videos for the new songs from Fabula Magna. Watch out!

It will be interesting to see the videos and perhaps even more shows will be added... So, if you have the chance to check out this unique band, then do it!

Claudia Ehrhardt


band promotion

Mats - January, 5th 2009 (by email)

Just before Christmas I got the new Coronatus CD on my desk and I was really surprised - positively! And so I decided to do an interview by email when I got the chance to. I want to thank drummer Mats for answering my questions within days, especially at the turn of the year!

Coronatus started as a project and became an active band late 2004, as far as I know. Why did you keep the name? And what does the name mean to you?

The project became a band just naturally. We did the first shows with our 2 singers and partly we played the same old songs.
The name means 'the crowned' and at that time it meant to us the hassle about the meaning of our existence, the creation and if there is the power of creation. The religious philosophical lyrics of George G, our former singer, and are the result of his quarrel with the power of creation. And even today George sometimes contributes lyrics / songs to Coronatus - like Mein Herz at Porta Obscura. This topic is a passion of him. ;-)

Somewhere I read that you couldn't decided between two singers - Carmen and Verena - and that you wanted to make a decision after a concert. Is that right? And how did you wanted to make this decision?

It's right, we couldn't decide, coz both were really good, but quite different. Carmen with her classic soprano, she partly reminds one of Nighwish or Epica, and then there was Verena who has a real rock voice.
We just wanted to test them live. During rehearsals it sounded quite promising and we, the musicians were already convinced. After the concert we definitely knew it would work out and that it has something special - and makes us differ from other gothic and symphonic metal bands. And so we stick to it! But if the chemistry wouldn't have been there, then we would have to make a decision. But sometimes you don't have to...

For your debut Lux Noctis, how long did you collected songs for it? Are there some left-overs? Something you might use in future in an overdone version as bonus?

For Lux Noctis we had a lot time, as usual for a debut. The songs were recorded in summer 2006, so we had about 1,5 year with the new line-up. And half of the songs are from that period. The other half is much older and are from the days with George G. - songs like Volles Leben have been written back in 1999.
That song we added in the original version as a bonus track to Porta Obscura. It's a recording from 2002 when George was still singing. At Lux Noctis we had an overdone version of this one sung by the girls.
From the same recording session in 2002 is Strahlendste Erste at Porta Obscura, sure, we have overdone the song and re-recorded it. If we ever will release the original recordings with George singing it - even as a bonus - is uncertain. At the moment George doesn't want it, coz he thinks that the version our girls did can't be topped! so this version might be exclusively for the ones who own our single Von Engeln nur - it was a self-released on, so it's quite rare...

Viola left the band after Lux Noctis, was it a problem to find someone new? To find Ada? Or have you thought - even if only for a moment - to continue with Carmen as the only singer?

No, it was always the plan to keep the concept with 2 singers. But again we had two fantastic singers applying for the rock vocals. One of them was Ada, at the end of the day Ada was more convincing and by now we know, it was the right decision.

In retrospective, how satisfied are you with the debut? And about the feedback you got for it?

Very satisfied! Production and sales figures very quite satisfying, especially for a debut the album sold very well!
About media feedback: Well, you have to have a thick skin! We polarized then and still do. Most of the reviews were quite good - or thrashing us. There wasn't much between these opposite points of view. If you get positive feedback you are happy and feel reassured - and the negative ones just hurt you. Especially when reviewers are prejudice you because of their own taste re distaste for a certain musical style. In our case a dislike of Female Fronted Gothic-Metal. Pretty often they criticized the genre in its wholeness and not Lux Noctis. That's quite unprofessional. But it feels good that the fans don't care about these critics and buy our album. Thank God, people make up their mind about the CD!

Even on the debut you used different languages. How did you get started with the different languages?

That's also something we kept from our early days. George's lyrics were partly English and partly German - always depending on what fits best to the track. We kept that and added Latin lyrics, coz it fits to our band name and it always has something elevated. We will keep experimenting and we think about using Middle High German next time, too. We like to try different things, there is no reason to do the same song over and over again. That's boring! (I totally agree! - Claudia)

For the debut album you usually have all the time in the world. Have you been under pressure this time? Or do you need some pressure to work more effectively?

There was way more pressure this time! But not from our label, they aren't pressing. We put ourselves under pressure, coz we wanted to have the follow-up soon. There shouldn't be too much time between the releases and it's fact that without pressure we get lazy... So pressure is pushing our creativity.
But keep in mind, we had almost 2 years to write new songs since we finished Lux Noctis. The recordings for Lux Noctis were finished in summer 2006, but we signed our contract in spring 2007. And the debut was released in September 2007.

In this case it's an even bigger advantage to have several songwriters in the band, right?

Yes, I think so. It also guarantees that the songs differ, so it makes the album more interesting - and that's very important for us. I have quite a few CDs which are really good, but the songs are too much the same, so I never listen to the whole album at once.

Again you recorded at Klangschmiede E and Mika Jussila mixed again. How important was it for you?

Well, I already been at Klangschmiede in 2005 with the black metal band Might Of Lilith. The way Markus Stock works and the sound he 'creates' really got me. He pushes you to your limits to get the best result. And he's one of the producers who is one who cares about the craftsmanship and doesn't use beat-detective and autotune - like so many others do. What you hear is real, is authentic. This is very important to us!
Mika Jussila is incredible and so we worked again with him. We love this Finnish touch, but I have to correct you - we just mastered there, no mixing. The mix was done by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede, too. The mastering is the giving the sound the final touch. The mastering can be done in one day, the mix takes a lot longer!

Your new album Porta Obscura is in stores for a few weeks now. About reviews and fan feedback, are you satisfied so far?

Yes, and at the moment it looks like the media feedback is a bit better then last time. But we still polarize, some say its superb, others think we are thrash. But the tendency is positive. ;-)
About fan reactions... We just got positive feedback from our fans. There are no sales figures so far, coz the album was just released a month before Christmas.

The digipack has 2 bonus tracks - and thanks to the label for a promo with bonus tracks, that's not always the case - and so I would like to know, how you chose the bonus tracks?

Like I mentioned before, one song is an original recording from our early days which we recorded at House Of Music in Winterbach with Joachim Khler - a really good recording. The other one is an overdone version of Dunkle Blume which was originally released on Lux Noctis. Alexander Yudenkov has done the orchestra arrangements which we added to the song. It was something we really wanted to do and I think it's really cool!

I have 2-3 questions about the lyrics. What inspires you? And how important is it, that everybody the band can agree with the lyrics?

A lot of things inspire us. We still have the religious, mystical lyrics George has done, but also songs about relations which usually written by Ada or Carmen and then the typical dark lyrics you have in the gothic scene about e.g. sadness and death.
Actually not everybody is 100% backing all the lyrics. But that's not important, what's important that the lyrics are okay for everybody. If someone really has a problem with some lyrics, then it won't make sense to stick to it. If you are in a band, you have to make compromises - sometimes musically, sometimes lyrically. At the end of the day we all agree with it.

Some lyrics indicate that you deal with religion or religious topics. Others are about angels and so would also fit to the esoteric genre... Is believing in something - whatever - important to you?

I think it's not about believing, personally I'm not really sure what I belief in, but to deal with religion and the different philosophies which go along with it, are important to us. But we keep it quite general. These days and in our country a big deal of the people have their own 'religion'. They take a bit of what they know, a bit of Christianity, a bit Buddhism, a little of natural religion and a dash of esoteric. The conclusion is that the old religions doesn't fit any longer. Many people are searching for something... For something new. And I think that many people are longing for some spirituality in this technocratic world. The people want to belief in something, but they aren't able to... That's a reason for the fantasy genre, the books, movies and computer games, it's a way to escape reality.

Fallen is somehow linked to the fairytale Star Talers, but takes it a bit further then the fairytale. Has there been some kind of incident which brought up the idea for the song?

Right, the idea for the song, the atmosphere and the images which express emotions at Fallen are based on some personal experiences which Carmen made between 1998-2001. Some of her lyrics are based on personal experience, some aren't. Some lines of the lyrics are from that era, parts she couldn't use before. But now the lyrics fit perfectly to the music. At the end we made some musical adjustments to make it 100% fitting the lyrics. So this one is very important to her, I think, everybody has his / her favorites.

A sampler got you some attention in Hungary. How much have this been a surprise? You played there, tell us about that experience! Especially about the show in Budapest with Within Temptation!

The show with Within Temptation was the highlight so far, talking about playing live. The Hungarian fans are very enthusiastic and it was extremely cool for us to play there! How much influence our contribution to 2 Hungarian Hammer magazines samplers had, I can't tell. But a few years ago we played at Gothica V Festival and there people in the first rows were singing along! That was awesome!

It probably to early to tell, but will you play live shows? A tour?

We have a few small club shows scheduled for the beginning of 2009. I can't tell anything about a tour, but we would like to hit the road! We would be happy to support a known band, but it's all wait-and-see.

What's on your schedule for 2009?

We write new songs! And we hope to get a chance to do a video! That would be absolutely fantastic! A highlight!

So the new album is out for a few weeks, but it seems that fans will get more of Coronatus soon! I hope they get the chance to tour, I would like to see them live and a tour would help to spread the word!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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