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In Words: C Of E

- C Of E - August 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

C Of E (by email) - August 2002

I have never heard about the band before I got the CD, even if they are around for a long time. I thought that there will be many others who didn't know them as well and so I'll introduce the band to you with this interview. Enjoy reading!

Please let's travel back in time... Tell us about Osiris, the beginning of the band and how you came up with the band name! What does it mean?

Osiris was a band which existed already when I entered them. Osiris was the God of the underworld in the Egypt of the pharaohs, long time ago. The band existed from '86 until '93. The music we made can be explained best as pretty obscure TechnoMetal.

Why do you chose the album title Protect Me From What I Want? What does it mean for you?

No particular ideas here! We saw the title on stickers from the clothing company we were endorsed by. We liked it, so we decided to take it!
The album was originally released in 1999 and got good reactions.

Why do you decided to re-release it?

The distribution was bad. Nowadays the distribution is far better so the record company decided to re-release it.

Part of the re-release was the release of the single Day By Day. Why a single release? Why do you choose this track?

We liked the track very much. Also was a multimedia company from Holland busy making a video clip from this song. It lasted for almost a year. The record company put the clip on the CD-single also. In Holland it was shown 6 times on the TV. In a rock program called 'wet & wild'.

The art work can't be categorized. Not a typical genre art work. Who had the idea for the artwork? What's the idea behind it? And who realized it?

That's a compliment for us. We didn't want to look as something else. You know the typical Metal or Hardcore artwork. The idea is from us, the artwork studio made it real. The pictures in the front were taken by me. The 'head' exists from all the band members.

How would you describe your music? What inspires you musically?

All kinds of music! I know its a cliché, but its true. We aren't a typical HC or Metal band. We make the music we like, and it doesn't fit any pattern.

How do you chose the topics? What inspires you lyrically?

C Of E isn't a political band. I always hated it when a band told me what to do. Music should be fun! And that is what we do best... We are a live band, born to entertain! I think many bands lost that vision...

How do you write songs? As a band? Or does some­one come with a finished song?

Making new songs is a band thing, we shape over and over 'til its right. When someone doesn't like it we throw it away....

How are the reactions so far? Especially after the re-release, coz the music scene changes pretty fast....

That's true. That's also the down side of the story. 5 years ago these songs already existed. Nowa;days we already have 14 new songs ready to record for a new album. But the reactions are mostly good.

Do you had the chance to play live after the re-release of your album?

Yes, we play about twice a month.

I guess that you have already started writing new material... Can you tell us something about?

Like I mentioned before, there a 14 new songs. The new album will be out in 2003. (I couldn't know your answers while writing the questions. ;-) - editor)

Will you record at the same studio? Or have you already began?

We will use the studio which made the single re-mix for Day By Day We like the sound he creates, so the new album will be recorded at Exxes in Rotterdam.

When can we expect a follow-up of Protect Me From What I Want? Any details to tell?

The material will differ from the last album. Expect more structure, and less HC. But it will be very brutal....

Are there any plans to play festivals this summer? Or for a tour in fall? The bio says something about a tour with Hirax...

The record company is still working at that. I think that we are gonna tour in the fall of this year.

Many young bands say that the internet helped them a lot. You are around for several years. Did you feel a positive effect for your band?

NO, I mean it is far more easy now than it was 10 years ago. Then you had to go to a studio to make a demo. Nowadays bands record their own CD on a computer and sell their stuff over the internet. It sounds great, but the market is flooded with releases. When you had a nice demo-review 10 years ago you easily sold 500 copies of it. Ask how many CDs a band sells now, and you know what I mean...

What do you think about MP3? Couldn't it help a young band to reach more fans?

Same as the above. All bands have the same opportunities. I think that's good. Fact is that bands still have to play live to impress. There a to many bands and a few fans.

There are not many bands we know from the Netherlands... Bands we know these days which come from the Netherlands are Elegy and Ayreon as well as some death metal and hardcore bands. But still no that much... Why do you think that still there are just an handful of bands make themselves known outside the Netherlands?

I think its due to the fact Holland is a small country. There a thousands of good bands over here. Because Holland is such a small country, we are always looking for new things. Therefor Holland is the leading country in dance-music worldwide. The real hardcore 'gabber house' was also a Dutch invention. But according Metal you are right. It was better in the early years: Gorefest, Pestilence, Van Halen...

Is it easy for you to get the attention in your home country? Or is the huge international scene makes it hard anyway?

As in Germany many clubs are closing or changing to dance music. There are also many bands from the U.S. who play often here. But we don't have any complains. We still perform a lot.

What can we expect from C Of E in future?

A new album, an European tour, loads of brute music...

Famous last words.... Anything you want to tell your fans?

Take care ! Visit our site, or buy our album.

I learnt a lot about the band and I hope to see them live somewhere.... So we have to wait for the coming album... And meanwhile check out the re-release!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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