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On stage: Cradle Of Filth

- Cradle Of Filth & Sepultura - Apr. 2003 - Cologne (D) -

Cradle Of Filth & Sepultura
- April, 11th 2003 - Cologne (D), E-Werk -

First I have to say starting the show at 6:30 p.m. isn't quite fair to the fans. Like me a lot of fans didn't made it in time to see the opener Immolation. I was lucky that I was there when Sepultura entered the stage. Many fans came to see Cradle Of Filth and so it was a challenge for the Brazilians to convince their fans. Personally I like both bands, so I was happy when Sepultura started with Troops Of Doom. A new record deal and a new album. But after the classic track they presented a cover version of Hellhammer's Messiah which can be found on the Revolusongs EP. During the 60 min. set the quartet presented many classic Sepultura songs and singer Derrick Greene proofed that there is no reason to wish Max Cavalera back into the band. They played beside new tracks Territory, Desperate Cry, Refuse / Resist and Arise. Cool was there cover of the U2 track Bullet The Blue Sky. The set ended with Sepulnation and Roots Bloody Roots. I never saw them in a better shape!
After the change over the British opened up the show with the opening track The Promise Of Fever of their latest release Damnation And A Day. The stage was flooded in a dark mystical light. Next was Cthulhu Dawn. Dani welcomed the fans to their 'Blood Metal Fuck Party' while a dancer turned on the male audience with her erotic dance. The masters of British black metal presented again a very professional, impressing show. During their 90 min. show the band was backed up with a tour guitarist and a background singer. Mainman Dani led the listeners through the set which included The Twisted Nails Of Faith, Born In A Burial Gown, Thank God For The Suffering, From The Cradle To The Enslave and Ebony Dressed For Sunset which he dedicated his mom. The last song for tonight was The Forest Whispers My Name. Well, I can recommend to see at least once in a lifetime the British Cradle Of Filth, coz their show is amazing, not just for black metal fans!

Jörn Petersen

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