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On stage: Children Of Bodom

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- Children of Bodom & Amorphis -
- September, 15th 2009 – Mexico City (Mex), Circo Volador -

One of the most exciting days of my life, the first time I was going to see Children Of Bodom, I missed up this band a couple of times before, but know I was ready, what a great manner of celebrating the independence day of Mexico.
I arrived an hour before to the 'Circo Volador' - an used to be theater and nowadays the most popular metal venue - it was a rainy day, but the metal fans were arriving to the place after a day of work or just like me took the day of vacations. I was waiting for my ticket to arrive, and in the meantime I took a look to all the merchandise and finally decided which T-shirt buy.
The concert began punctually at 19:30 with Amorphis as support band on stage, the place was almost full. I had a lot of expectations about Amorphis, I like the sound of the Tales From The Thousand Lakes or the Elegy album, but when I listen to the new album Skyforger it's a great difference, you would said its musical maturity, but that's another issue. When Tomi Joutsen and the rest of the band appeared on stage followed by the intro of Sampo (first track of Skyforger) they were very well welcomed by the Mexican metalheads.
The first song was Leaves Scar from the Eclipse album, with a good performance of the band, a kind of motionless with the exception of the singer Tomi and his really long rasta-hair. He was moving from side to side with his old-style microphone interacting with the crowd.
They closed with their most famous songs My Kantele, House Of Sleep and of course Black Winter Day.

Set list

Leaves Scar (Eclipse)
Towards and Against (Silent Waters)
Alone (Am Universum)
On Rich and Poor (Elegy)
The Smoke (Eclipse)
Castaway (Tales from the Thousand Lakes)
Against Windows (Elegy)
Silver Bride (Skyforger)
My Kantele (Elegy)
House of Sleep (Eclipse)
Black Winter Day (Tales from the Thousand Lakes)

Now it was a matter of time to see Alexi Laiho and company! When the lights went off and COB appeared on stage the crowd went mad. After a weird music intro they began with Hellhounds On My Trail followed by all the screams, jumps and headbanging. A very high-energized Laiho salute all the fans referring that the previous show (September 14th) was simply awesome and he loved Mexican fans.
They continued with Living Dead Beat and Are You Dead Yet? Then Alexi said that playing on the Independence Day brought to his attention and shouting 'Happy Birthday Mexico' they continued their set with the applause's of hundreds of fans.
These guys are really musician masters, seeing Laiho and Warman doing their solo's battle during Lake Bodom is simply amazing. All the band were doing a great show.
With a really simple stage composed of the COBHC backdrop and a red-lighted scenario, these guys showed that they have the metal attitude to bring a hell of a night. Definitively one of the best concerts of my life.

Set list

Hellhounds On My Trail
Living Dead Beat
Are You Dead Yet?
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Hate Me!
Follow The Reaper
Lake Bodom / Bodom After Midnight
Angels Don't Kill
In Your Face
Children Of Decadence / Bodom Beach Terror
Every Time I Die
Hate Crew Deathroll

The Good, the bad and the ugly facts


  • Excellent sound for both bands!
  • During a song Alexi used a hair band with the colors of the Mexican flag and Janne a Mariachi hat.
  • At the end of the show Janne throw confetti (Small pieces of multicolor paper used in Mexican celebrations) to Jaska's face while playing Hate Crew Deathroll

Bad & Ugly
  • N/A

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