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On stage: Cauldron

- Cauldron, Striker & Sinister Creation - Feb. 2012 - Copenhagen (DK) -

- Cauldron, Striker & Sinister Creation -
- February 25th 2012 - Copenhagen (DK), Stengade -

This triple concert was at Stengade concert hall, Copenhagen, and to everybody's amusement only 50 people had found their way to this concert. But the show must go on, and to open affairs the Danish band Sinister Creation came to the scene. With a stage attitude like you were still in the 70's and doing acid, Sinister Creation swaggered around on the stage playing their extremely slow doom metal like it was some kind of torment, with sudden interruptions where they burst into fast and powerful harder metal as if they want to show different sides of their skills. But however their main style is the slow psychedelic performance. To a plus for Sinister Creation they had a good contact with the crowd and interacted with them in a professional way.

Maybe the next band rings a bell. Striker is the hardworking band from Canada who released their debut album Eyes In The Night in 2010, and have been touring and getting experience all the time. The leader of the band is vocalist Dan Cleary, who has produced their album, he creates a great atmosphere on the stage when they are performing their own songs, monsters like The Voice Of Rock, Terrorizer, Full Speed Or No Speed. The venue almost exploded when they did their own cover version of Saxon's hit Princess Of The Night, and the concert with Striker and their plain heavy metal madness was the best concert of the night.

Cauldron is the Canadian band that is build on the remnants of the old band Goathorn. The trio was playing heavy and competent metal but without the drive to make them a top flight band. Ian Chains is the guitar player from Hell, and Jason Decay handles the bass and the vocals, but in my view it be more suitable for them if they got a singer into the band, Decay is not at the best of voices, and his act on stage is very anonymous. They could do with some more personality, especially as they can play heavy metal in a way that excites the crowd, so why not shape up with a good singer? As mentioned they connected well with the crowd and their music was of pure class, pure metal.

Lars Bjørn


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