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On stage: Cans

- Cans, Silent Force & Dioysus - Aug. 2004 - Bochum (D) -

Cans, Silent Force & Dioysus
- August, 7th 2004 - Bochum, Zeche -

For the German-Swedish band Dionysus it was the 2nd time within one year that they visited Germany. Last December they were the opening band on the Doro / Saxon tour. Last year it was obvious that the band needed more live experience and this time you could see that the tour made them grow together. During their set they presented mainly songs from Anima Mundi - their latest release and their debut Sign Of Truth. The first highlight in their set was Bringer Of War. With Sign Of Truth and Walk On Fire they presented their debut, but March For Freedom seemed to be the one everybody knows. Perhaps because that track was on some com­pilations... Singer Olaf Hayer and his pals used their chance to entertain the people, especially bassist Nobby was up front and tried to cheer up the fans. They might need one more album to convince the majority, but live they already found their strength and can compete with more known acts.
After a change-over the German-American quintet Silent Force entered the stage to play some old tunes and to present some new ones from the coming album Worlds Apart. It's been about 2 years since the five-some toured last. And so they were a little nervous before the show, but that wasn't obvious when they entered the stage. With Empire Of Future and Falling To Oblivion they played two of their classics. Guitarist and mainman Alex Beyrodt had enough time to show his Malmsteen-inspired guitar play, but always well-timed so that it doesn't get boring for non-musicians. The songs Heroes - dedicated to the heroes of 9-11 - , Hold On and the title track Worlds Apart gave a good impression of what to come.
Then it was time for Cans! The HammerFall singer Joacim Cans came to present his first solo album live. On Cans you'll miss the typical HammerFall sounds and even if Joacim asked his companion Stefan Elmgren to join also his live band, he decided no to play any HammerFall tune. Opening up with Soul Collector it seemed that the Swedish singer didn't had to convince the fans, they were partying from the first moment. After Fields Of Yesterday and Back To Hell it was time for some change.... On drums Mark Zonder of Fates Warning had joined Joacim - he also played on the album - and so Mr. Cans decided to present some Warlord songs - Child Of The Damned and Lucifer's Hammer. It seemed as if they were playing together for quite awhile and not just like a kind of project band. During the title track Beyond The Gates Joacim made a joke and shout "Scream for me Cleveland". Another song - The Key - he introduced with some German words what surprised some fans. After Merciless he introduced the band, then they finished the set with the single Red Light. The fans wanted more and they returned for one more song - Silent Cries. Even if just about 300 fans came to see Cans live, they wanted more and they were loud, but due to a strict curfew the band had to leave.
Cans did a very good show and I don't think that anyone regret spending the evening at the Zeche. Personally I prefer Cans live in comparison with HammerFall, even if the HammerFall fans won't agree... But well, that's just my opinion.

Claudia Ehrhardt

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