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On stage: Cannibal Corpse

- W.O.A. - Aug. 2002 - Wacken (D) -
- Cannibal Corpse, Dew-Scented,
Severe Torture & Viu Drakh
- Oct. 2002 - Barcelona (E) -


- Cannibal Corpse, Dew-Scented,Severe Torture & Viu Drakh -
- Barcelona (Spain), Sala Mephisto -

First of all, I want to apologize for not being much intro extreme death metal. Maybe there'll be people who'll find this review quite shallow, but this was the first time I could see these bands playing live and I'd like to make you know my feeling during the gig.
Alter interviewing Leif Jensen from Dew-Scented, I went to match my press pass which was kindly given by the people of Nuclear Blast. The bands list was quite attractive and well into the extreme death metal style, but the same night the Hughes-Turner Project were playing in the other corner of the town and this could make the audience would be fewer... Or not! In the end we were about 350 people, half the capacity of the venue and we could enjoy: This German death metal band Viu Drakh jumped up the stage when only 50 people in the audience, they worked really hard and made the people shake their heads savagely, while more people was entering the place.
Their line-up, two guitars (Björn and the vocals Fish), bass (Joo) and drums (C4), sounded with some trouble in the beginning due to the sound saturation with which they started. Step by step, the sound problem were mended and they played for 30 minutes songs from their newest album Death Rifft Society and from some older other, always in the style they call 'Metalpunx'.
Instruments changing was done fast and a new band came on stage and they were 4 guys with a brutal sound... Severe Torture! The drummer Seth plays like a striking machine and the voice of their singer Dennis sounds as if taken from the entrails of earth. The bass player Patrick completed the astonishing rhythm section of the band, or at least it was for me as this was my first time watching Severe Torture play live. On top of it, the guitarist Thijs plays really fast. These Dutch have just released their 4th album Misanthropic Carnage and proved that Sinister has some good music rivals in The Netherlands.
I knew some things about Dew-Scented as I was talking with their vocalist a while before the show, but they really surprised me. Their new album Inwards had some tracks on the set list of the show and they ended the gig with a cover from Slayer which the whole audience sang along with the band. Leif Jensen was awesome, though he was starting to have a cold which was constant­ly menacing his voice. From the rest of the line-up who recorded the album, only the drummer Uwe was on stage. Hendrik, one of the guitarist, has become a member of the band recently and the other guitarist was substituted by another player which I can't remember his name, but I know he is from Holland. Sorry for not having more information. The bass was played by another guy whose name is out of my memory now. Sorry again! They have suffered line-up changes, however they sounded really fine and Leif surprised the audience (not me, as I knew it from before) speaking in perfect Spanish (he lived in Colombia some years ago). After 45 minutes the time for them on stage was over. After that they mixed up with the audience and the former playing bands to enjoy the headliner's show.
What can I say, if you still don't know about Cannibal Corpse? Their brutal sound on the records is exactly reflected, note by note, strike by strike, live. Their opened their show with an instrumental and really thrash metal intro. Alex Webster on bass, Paul Mazurkievicz on drums and Pat O'Brien and Jack Owen guitars. Meanwhile the audience waited hungrily for band's front man, George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher, to jump on stage and when he did it my neck started to ache watching him moving his in circles! This guy's voice is brutally grave, though sometimes he takes it high it to elevate the song's tone. His astounding physic masters the stage as soon as he steps on it and the fans surrender completely to the band. They presented their newest work Gore Obsessed though oldies like Skull Full Of Maggots were played, too. I took some photos in the beginning of the show and went backwards after that as the fans became mad and started to push themselves while dancing and even some of them played moshing jump from the stage in the very most Anthrax invented style. I found weird they didn't play any encore. About 1 a.m. the band finished their last song and went down the stage while their crew started to pick up the band's stuff and the venue lights were coming to life again. Rarer even was that the fans didn't asked for any encore.
It was a really nice show placed by this poker of extreme metal bands who made the audience enjoy a lot of it. Maybe I lacked being more informed about the bands and their discographies to enjoy it fully, but I will be better prepared next time. I promise!

Xavi San Antonio

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