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On disc: Cypher Seer

Origins - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Nightmare Records - 2011)

The American outfit Cypher Seer had to overcome several line-up changes after the release of their debut album Awakening Day in 2008. Now they are back with Origins. As I don't know their debut I can't compare the albums.

The opener is called Bloodline and combines complex elements with powerful melodic vocals spiced up with some growls. There are some similarities to Mercenary... But also references to Iced Earth. The Curse is more based in progressive power metal and doesn't show elements of the Gothenburg sound. But with Dying Force these elements are back, at the same time they add a symphonic edge to the heavy riff-based track.

More aggressive is Aftermath, again they present a melange of sounds while sticking to their own style. Songs like Soul Sacrifice show their talent, but I miss a catchy edge... After several spins some melodies stick, but it takes a while. There isn't a tune which is highly infectious, which make you spin the album again and again.

The last 3 tracks are the Haunted Saga, Part I - Infinite Trance is a kind of intro, but with Part II - Lost, Plagued and Redefined they head into the story. It starts slowly featuring Zeno Rodrigo's vocals and guitarists Rod Mariani and Sergio Ribeiro. Then they storm off into a powerful but progressive part. The last part is called As I Embrace The End, again complex power metal with speed changes. And I'm still missing a memorable hook.

Frederik Nordström gave the album the perfect sound and open-minded progressive power metal fans will surely enjoy Origins. Let's see what the future holds for Cypher Seer!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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