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On disc: Custard

For My King - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
Infested By Anger - Lars Bjrn - 9 stars

Infested By Anger

Infested By Anger
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

Custard has released several albums of their own, and also been very active to participate with songs on many tribute albums. Experience, and now comes their new album where they show their way of power metal, Infested By Anger. It is an attack of wildness without stop, bombs of metal, and cream for your ears. Fully understandable if you are dizzy from headbanging, because Custard do that to you, and by the strong guitars and vocals there is no excuse not to invest in this CD. Power of highest standard, and fantastic metal all the way round.

Gods Of War is that I am talking about, headbanging power metal that makes you nod and smile. Death From Above gives you more of the solid power metal, guitars and good rhythms. My Last Breath has a Viking style of metal with melodic content, drums and power to convince you even more. Time To Bleed is about fighting and here the sublime power metal backs you fully, great metal of quality. Endless Pain has pounding power metal on the menu, pounding to make you stumble if you are not sitting tight. A Knight gives all they can produce of guitar solos, drums and great super power metal. The conclusion is very simple, if you don't give Custard a chance, you are only cheating yourself.

9 stars

Lars Bjrn


For My King

For My King
(B.O. Rec. - 2000)

Custard offer fast melodic metal with catchy choirs. Fans of Blind Guardia should check out this band! For My King is the second album of the German newcomers, actually they are not a new band. Custard is around since 1987! At the beginning they played thrashier stuff and in 1997 their debut. Now they are back with a new singer and with B.O. Records they have a good business partner. With For My King the band recorded a decent album which will catch some interest, even if it won't take the metal world by storm. The cover artwork, done by Thomas Ewerhard (e.g. Hypocrisy, Steel Prophet, etc.), is showing a warrior which might symbolize that they will fight to make it. Personally I think that this clich cover won't help the band, and Mr. Ewerhard has done better ones... Anyway, the music is what's important!
Check out Rise, Charon's Call or Master Of The Dice.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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