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On disc: Cult Cinema

Iscariot - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars


(Siege Of Amida Records - 2012)

Black metal played fast, but also with too much noise in it, and that is not the best way to make an entry to the metal world. Cult Cinema's debut EP with 5 songs starts with Akeldama, a blasting aggressive experience with vocalist Ivan Ferreira getting an acceptable start to the album. The Beloved Disciples give a storming attack with a furious aggressiveness of guitars and growls, but without any balanced or extraordinary metal in it. The two songs Tormentor and A Distant And Disconsolate Heart are not moving much for the Englishmen. It is heavy screaming from Ivan Ferreira, but not of a quality that give them the best appearance. Last song is called The Betrayer, and here is the black metal softer with more substance e, and the screaming comes much more well-structured. A nice and well-composed finish that save the album from going into oblivion.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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