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On disc: Cryptex

Good Morning, How Did You Live? - Umberto Mino - 5 stars

Good Morning, How Did You Live?

Good Morning, How Did You Live?
(SAOL Music - 2011)

Cryptex is a new band with positive and negative sides like every band.... What's the meaning of this??? Simple and clear, this album can't be reviewed in a metal webzine / magazine!! This is a well produced album with a lot of nice songs that goes from gospel to blues to pop to the the old Jethro Tull arrangements, but not exactly hard rock / heavy metal or any sub genre!!

But anyway Cryptex are a trio from Hanover, Germany and their debut album Good Morning, How Did You Live? offer to us listeners one intro, one outro and fourteen songs of various style, sometimes romantic like Mom and Alois, sometimes aggressive like Hicksville, Habitus And Itchy Feet. The three members are:

Simon Moskon – Vocals, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Bluesharp, Didgeridoo

Ramón Fleig – Drums, Percussion, Cajón, Background vocals

Martin Linke – Lead and Rhythm guitar, Sansula, Background vocals

Look for them on their MySpace or on Facebook, if you want to listen their songs before you'll buy this album. Personally it's not my cup of tea....

5 stars

Umberto Mino


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