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On disc: Cryonic Temple

Immortal - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars


(Metal Heaven - 2008)

Cryonic Temple isn't really a new band, but only guitarists Esa T. Ahonen and Leif Collin are still in the band. So it's almost a new band and usually this effects the music. To be honest, I don't know there previous releases, so I can't compare them. Even if I heard that they changed... I can only try to give you an idea about how they sound these days.
You first here beeps... then one long beep... like a flat line. Then they go full force with hammering drums and heavy riffing and kick off Immortal. The phrasing of Magnus Thurin reminds me a bit of Hansi Kürsch, even if he sings a bit deeper and partly he has an aggressive touch, but he also hits high notes. The music can be described as melodic power metal, the Scandinavian variety. With Standing Tall they slow down a the beginning, but then storm off. At the second track Thurin's admiration for Michael Kiske is obvious, at least partly its audible. The fast riffs are fired in high precision, but it seems this one is about playing fast... The melodies can't hook you up. Where Sadness Never Rests starts slowly again, but then they speed up again. The chorus is well done, but it can't touch me... They all know how to play, so technically I can't complain, but there is something missing...
With Beg Me they offer another fast one, this time with staccato riffing and a progressive edge. And here they easy off a bit for the chorus while the staccato riffing stays. This time Thurin reminds me a bit of Andy B. Franck, it's like he listened to some charismatic singers and tries to copy them - and fails. It's not that he is failing technically, but the vocals don't show any emotions... No real emotions. And I think that's the main problem of this album, the songs are well structured - should I say constructed? - and played at a high level, but it seems like they don't feel them.... That this isn't what's inside them. At Freedom Calling they offer a slow passage, but then return to some complex pattern and a chorus which should hook you up - well, it didn't hook me up. The next songs follow the pattern in general, even if a few more mid-paced parts been woven in. Only the last 2 tracks show them a bit different. As I Sleep starts acoustically and should be somehow emotional - I guess... At least they don't speed off again, but the symphonic passage somehow sounds... Like done with one of the first keyboards offering this 'program'... Fake strings and unemotional vocals. At the acoustic outro of Departure I also miss some intensity... I miss the soul.
Somehow I got through the CD, but actually as soon as I don't concentrate on it 100% it becomes elevator music to me. Nothing I remember... They aren't as fast as Dragonforce and they vary in speed a bit, but the album has the same effect on me - it bores me. So I can only recommend to go to their MySpace, listen to the songs and make up your mind. I can't help you. Sorry.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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