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On disc: Cruxifiction

The Coming - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

The Coming

The Coming
(De Tenebrarum Principio - 2011)

Cruxifiction is a black metal quintet from France. With their corpse-painted faces and grim expressions most people, myself included, would expect nothing more or less than orthodox black metal. With the debut full-length, The Coming, Cruxifiction prove us wrong.

Whilst the foundation for the band is black metal the guys add some spice to the mix with some thrash and death metal riffing. This certainly makes it far more interesting than many of the black metal albums that have crossed my path recently. No, its nothing earth-shatteringly new but amidst the swathe of mundane and average black metal that is being vomited forth these days even something as simple as incorporating a thrashy riff is enough to gain the attention of the listener.

Of the seven songs only one falls short of the five minute mark. Despite the long length of the songs though, they never outstay their welcome. Each one is a varied slab of extreme metal that will get your head a-rockin'. Vocally, the album delivers generic black metal rasps that are just intelligible enough to understand. There's even some parts where you could raise your fist and growl along!

The production on the album is spot on with each instrument finding its own level without the album sounding sterile or over-polished. The rumble of the bass in Death Is The Only Way particularly pleased me!

Whilst its still nothing completely new Cruxifiction's debut has that certain something about it that will make it stick in your mind. It may not be a classic but its certainly worth a listen or two if you get chance!

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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