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On disc: Crucifyre

Infernal Earthly Divine - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

Infernal Earthly Divine

Infernal Earthly Divine
(Pulverised Records - 2010)

Old school death metal, much like thrash, is back in vogue these days and there are many new bands springing up all over the place looking to bring back the glory days of the genre. Crucifyre is one such band, hailing form the bastion of death metal; Sweden. However, take a closer look at the lineup of Crucifyre and you will see members of Afflicted, Nasum, General Surgery, Morbid and Crematory within its ranks.
The band formed in 2006 and released one demo Thessalonian Death Cult, before signing to Pulverised Records. Infernal Earthly Divine, the debut full-length, is the result of this unholy union. Crucifyre's debut very much encapsulates all that is good about true Swedish death metal and yet it is mercifully not a carbon copy of Left Hand Path or any of the other luminary albums from the genres beginnings. No, Infernal Earthly Divine will give even the most hardened death metal fanatic something new to enjoy.
The vocals of Erik Tormentor Sahlström are rough but bear more resemblance to thrash vocals than death metal grunts and gurgles. One might also hear similarities with Vader vocalist Piotr Wiwczarek. You'll be screaming along to Born Again Satanist, Kiss The Goat and my personal favorite, Hail Satan, after the first listen.
The riffing, bass and drum work is all absolutely spot on in this release and combining the talent of these musicians with great songwriting is a sure-fire recipe for success. You may need a neck transplant after this album has finished, such will be the fury of your headbanging!
Crucifyre's debut is like a breath of fresh air in the death metal scene. This year has had some great albums in the genre, such as the latest Hail Of Bullets and Malevolent Creation, but Crucifyre may beat even these heavyweights to win the title of best death metal album of 2010!

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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