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On disc: Cruadalach

Lead - Not Follow - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Lead - Not Follow

Lead - Not Follow
(Black Bards Records - 2011)

They had a dream to make new and rock folk metal music with folk music appeal and still brandishing the heavy side of today's music. Success come already on this debut album. 8 members of the band and resulting in mixes and compromises they leave a positive impression with their first full length album. Based on flute, guitar and drums they fill the cup with angry and competent metal for example in the song Nezlomni. If we move to Living With Pride we get a melodic folk based metal song with a lot of good drive in it, proves their skills. Signal Fires is also really great metal rock with lots of attitude. The title song is the name of the band, Cruadalach is about story telling in a good and heavy way where you feel you are close to the bands atmosphere. Morrigan is soft flute music where the heavy metal is just underneath, a very good combination. Hear Our Voices is a very special kind of metal that you should experience yourself to get the impression of what Cruadalach is up to. All in all a good debut.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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