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On disc: Crown The Lost

Blind Faith Loyalty - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Blind Faith Loyalty

Blind Faith Loyalty
(Crus del Sur - 2009)

The Pittsburgh-based band was founded in 2005 and their debut Reverence Dies Within was released the year after. Now the US thrashers are back with Blind Faith Loyalty.
The Americans head into Defame The Hypocrites with melodic guitar lines and complex drum patters, but then they turn to thrashy riffs and fast drumming while singer Chris Renaldi adds powerful vocals and a moment later growls. Crown The Lost present an opening track which can roughly be described as thrashy power metal... But you can also find mid-paced parts and the vocals partly have reminiscences to 80's US metal. With Drawing The Parallel they follow the chosen path. Lead guitarist Joe Bonaddio shows some neo-classical guitar parts, beside joining rhythm guitarist David Gehlke for some heavy riffing. The songs are complex and give their sound a progressive edge. Bound To Wrath seems to be based in traditional metal, but again they add other elements. With Chris Renaldi they have a singer with a huge range who delivers everything the song asks for! They head into Symbiotic, but the fast thrasher has a catchy refrain. Again they switch between fast thrashy parts and mid-paced passages. At Finality you even find vocal parts which are King Diamond-like. A quite typical tune for Crown The Lost is Hollow Refuge which isn't very catchy, but grows with every spin! Last, but not least they present the title track, a quite complex rocker with fast passages.
Everybody who loves power metal with a thrashy edge and has no problems with progressive elements, should check out Crown The Lost.
I recommend: Symbiotic, Privation, Drawing The Parallel and Hollow Refuge.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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