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On disc: Christopher Cross

A Night In Paris - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

A Night In Paris

A Night In Paris
(earMusic - 2013)

In his long career singer / songwriter Christopher Cross is now presenting his first live album! He started his solo career in 1979 with a self-titled debut which got him 5 Grammy awards - and almost everybody who remembers the 80's will remember one or the other song by Christopher Cross. And so a live recording should give a good impression of his work including all his hits. The package offers the whole concert on DCD and DVD.

When I first listened to CD1 I found it a bit strange that after someone announce Christopher Cross they didn't kick off with the music, instead Mr. Cross introduced the band and promoted his new album. But when the first notes been played the fans were happy, coz he opened up with All Right off his second album Another Page. Christopher Cross is in the business for decades and so he knows that he has to give his great backing band space to shine, especially saxophone player Andy Suzuki's play is essential for the sound of Christopher Cross. A highlight is Spinning, a duet where Cross shares vocal duties with keyboarder Kiki Ebsen. The track list shows that his biggest hits were presented in the second half of the show, but the whole concert can be enjoyed - especially on DVD as the concert was recorded in April 2012 in Paris with 9 cameras.

It's a trip down memory lane and if you enjoyed his music in the 80's, then you'll enjoy the live document a lot!

Track listing:

All Right
The Light Is On
Leave It To Me
No Time For Talk
When You Come Home
Minstrel Gigolo
Walking In Avalon
Never Be The Same
I Really Don't Know Anymore
Arthur's Theme
Ride Like The Wind
Say You'll Be Mine (Encore)

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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