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On disc: Cripper

Devil Reveals - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Devil Reveals

Devil Reveals
(SAOL - 2009)

Hanover-based thrashers Cripper deliver their 2nd full-length album and with Devil Reveals they stay on the chosen path. The quintet is obviously inspired by Testament and Exodus, but they spice up the Bay Area thrash with some death elements.
Helix is an instrumental intro and with I [...] they storm off! Beside fast riffing and straight forward parts they include some more technical and complex passages. Singer Britta Görtz is joining the female growls league and can keep up with Sabina Classen and Angela Gossow. You won't expect a girl singing, when you hear the tracks! At Life Is Deadly they combine aggressive riffs, melodic guitar lines and a catchy hook. Okay, the song won't haunt you after the first spin, but after a you listened a few times you won't forget the hook line! Live this neck breaker will be perfect for some mosh pit. Quite melodic they kick off Kids Killing Kids, but it's like the calm before the storm... You know that it won't stay that way, you are prepared for another thrash attack! Not as fast as the previous one, but they cross the boarders to melodic death metal. The basic drum beat and riffing is a bit overused, even if they add some other passages, it seems they return to the standard almost every time. Whenever they move on from the basic part it becomes more interesting, but live the songs will work well. I Am The Pit is another neck breaker and it seems that the guitars try to steam roll the growls... Somehow a tradition thrasher, but peppered with growls and death metal-like sounds. The title track Devil Reveals starts slowly and has some audible influences from traditional metal, but differs as soon as Britta starts growling. The title track is probably not the one which represents them best, but one of the highlights. Another one is Hysteria and so I hope this is the way they pursue... Anyway, a strong album for fans of thrash'n'death! Check them out at their MySpace!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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