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On disc: CrimsonWind

The Wings Of Salvation - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars

The Wings Of Salvation

The Wings Of Salvation
(IceWarrior Records - 2011)

This band was formed late in 2008 and with a base in Palermo, Italy, where it was also recorded in the Dabliurec Studio, Palermo. Local band, so to speak, Italian musicians all of them, and the vocalist Alessio Taormina is doing double shifts between CrimsonWind and the band Thy Majestie, which are also coming from Palermo. The music on this debut album was supposed to be melodic power metal, but that is a long way from the ranks of melodic power metal. All of the songs are without bite, boring, and gives praise to pop-rock music. Only power aspects to be found on the CD is when the guitarists occasionally fires of a guitar solo. Only song that rises above the mediocre level is the song Wings Of Salvation, it has melodic hardness with keyboard and rock qualities that just reminds of good music. I think that CrimsonWind should seek their fans in the commercial rock music, because in hard rock and metal music there are no spaces available for them.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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