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On disc: Crimson Tears

- ??? - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Dead Silence

Dead Silence
(self-released - 2005)

The Finnish band Crimson Tears first appeared in 2005, but actually the band was founded back in 1997 by guitarist Matti Rahkonen and bassist Jussi Peltonen as Satyron. After awhile they had the line-up completed and started playing live in 1999. The Loviisa band recorded their first demo in spring 2000 - Snowfall. Some line-up changes later around Christmas 2002 they released the EP Cold. This is their 3rd demo, but as they changed musically they renamed to Crimson Tears and released this demo with 3 of the 5 recorded songs.
With a bittersweet keyboard melody they kick off Dead Silence. Heavy guitar riffs are added, but with the catchy keyboard melody and the melancholy vocals they present gothic metal which is easily remembered. The opening title track features keyboarder Niina Kärppä on vocals beside singer Tommi Kemilä. With Your Light they speed up a bit and heavy riffs make this one a bit more aggressive - at least partly -, coz the lyrics are sad and so the vocals show resignation and sadness. Guitarists Matti Rahkonen and Ville Leppanen stay mainly in the back and accompany the keyboards, the vocals are up-front and most prominent. But here and there the guitars take over - well done!
Balladesque starts Time To Go - and with the violin it sticks out. When the vocals join in the guitars add some heaviness, but this duet shows them a bit softer. Actually the duet works best during the verse while Niina can't keep up during the chorus. But that can easily be improved in future. During the guitar solo the guitar seems to sing... To continue the vocal part... And the sextet manage to stay away from being kitschy.
Musically the band is interesting for fans of Entwine, Charon and HIM. I guess we will hear more about the Finnish in near future....

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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