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On disc: Crimson Cult

Crimson Cult - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars
Tales Of Doom - Lars Bjĝrn - 10 stars

Tales Of Doom

Tales Of Doom
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

It's their second album, but they sound like they have been around forever. Guitarist Günther Maier founded the band in 2008, and after the first record they recruited new vocalist Walter Stüfer, a singer that has the glow in his voice that Ronnie James Dio had. With sublime guitar play from Maier this album is swimming over with traditional heavy metal with a quality that are simply outstanding. I would not hesitate to count them in top 10 of released album in 2012. Tales Of Doom could be a strange title, because there is no doom metal represented on this album, but 10 songs which goes hand in hand with 80's metal sound from bands like Saxon and Iron Maiden. First on the album is State Of Fear, where Stüfer speeds up the singing and Maier takes control and gives it a melodic great rhythm and includes a real great guitar solo to make the birds sing. Behind The Curtain is melodic power metal where the influence from Iron Maiden is very clear, genius in the creation of this song giving is a twinkle in the eye so you want to hear this song again and again. Institution Christ is more mid tempo tuned and has the character of a battle song where the fist comes to their right. Coshinja gives us master drums as from a scene of war, this song is also on the same high level when it comes to genius songwriting. The Long Way Home starts with standard slow metal, but develops to epic and hard guitar and bass heavy metal and the song just grows in intensity. Warrior Son is really sublimity of the highest class, slow but hard rhythm with so much music in it that you are pushed back by the quality. On The Edge is also slow and powerful, a ballad in the hard way filled with feelings and emotions. The last song is a little different from others, The Inquisition is an instrumental, heavy guitars and Spanish guitars together, if you are not smiling already then the finishing song will make the strike with this combination of the two types of guitars playing together. In the song On The Edge the chorus mention: I tried to fly, but I couldn't find my wings. To Crimson Cult I can only say that you have found your wings, that is for sure.

10 stars

Lars Bjĝrn


Crimson Cult

Crimson Cult
(Dockyard 1 - 2009)

Austrian band Stygmata IV or Stygma IV been disbanded late 2005 when long time drummer Herb Greisberger had to quite for health reasons. Bassist Alex Hilzensauer meanwhile joined German rockers Samorra and in 2008 he started with guitarist Günter Maier Crimson Cult. After they found drummer Peter Bachmayer and singer Walter Stuefer it took them only a few days to write 10 songs! They did a 5-track demo. In fall 2008 they recorded this album and now Dockyard 1 makes it available.
They kick off with Evil Design, a power metal song with heavy riffs and a melodic hook. With Walter Stuefer they have a good singer hired who has power and emotions. At some parts he seems to be influences by David DeFeis, but this impression only lasts for a brief moment. Later in the song they add some symphonic elements, but the riffs always dominate this. They continue with Undead. Even if its based on fast drumming the song isn't that fast, but its forced ahead by sharp riffing and again Günter Maier shows his skills in a solo part. At Land Of The Crimson Night you can find a slight Oriental touch while In The Eyes is more aggressive, but still catchy! They ease off a bit for Lava Machine, the song has something majestic and the riffing is a bit Purple-ish. Cool tune!
For Dirty Demon they slow down, a bit doom-ish... Fat lava-ish riffs. But they also offer a mid-paced passage and a neo-classical guitar part. A hymn-like up-tempo tune is 2000 Lights and shows the Austrian quartet a bit different - again. Slowly they kick off the heavy rocker Amok and with Centre Of The Universe they come to an end.
Crimson Cult surprise with a strong debut full of power metal tunes, but also with different shades which makes the album even more interesting. Fans of power metal bands with melodic vocals should check out Crimson Cult! I recommend: Evil Design, Dirty Demon, Misanthrope and Amok.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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