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On disc: Criminal

- Sicario - Jrg Petersen - 7 stars


(Metal Blade - 2005)

I finally got my hands on an album of Criminal. I heard quite a lot about them, but hadn't the chance to check them out. Sicario is the 5th album of the Chilenian band which is now having their HQ in Europe. Musically Sicario offer a mixture of modern thrash metal with melodic death metal elements and modern sounds. Some might say they sound like Sepultura, well there are similarities, but I won't compare them with the Brazilian veterans. The track Rise And Fall is giving you a good idea about Criminal. The up-tempo tune is starting off with double bass drum and some guitar riffing. It takes awhile til the vocals of Anton Reisenegger join in, but they have long instrumental parts where the guys can show their skills. They groove and the vocals are catchy, So this track is easy to get into the world of Criminal. Another track to check out is Time Bomb or if you're more interested in the aggressive blast attacks then listen to Shot In The Face. The first half is assassinating you, but closer to the end the assassin - sicario is Spanish for assassin - isn't that strong anymore. He gets a bit weak. If the quartet manages to eliminate the weak spots next time, then they really can make it.
Soundwise nothing to complain as it's done at Stage One studio. The multinational foursome is stronger then on the predessessor No Gods, No Masters and so it looks good for them. The next album will show, if they can catch up with the masters of death'n'thrash.

7 stars

Jrg Petersen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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