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On disc: Crashdïet

Generation Wild - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars
The Savage Playground - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Savage Playground

The Savage Playground
(Frontiers Records - 2012)

Crashdïet are back with The Savage Playground, 3 years after Generation Wild. No line-up changes this time, so they might had more time to work on new songs... They kick off with Change The World, a glam metal tune with a dash of Skid Row. Next in line is Cocaine Cowboys, a heavy rocker with spoken words parts which give singer Simon Cruz the chance to show some variety. Anarchy isn't revolutionary, it's a hard rock tune with gang shouts and harmony vocals. One of my faves is Got A Reason which starts with a cool guitar part.

The Swedish can keep the quality level through out the album, but for me a real ear catcher is missing. Anyway, you can have a good time listening to the latest Crashdïet!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Generation Wild

Generation Wild
(Frontiers - 2010)

Crashdïet proves that sleaze rock goes on undisturbed. After their troubled start they now are focused, and with lots of media coverage, even a rejection from MTV to stir up the already stormy waters, there are no way back for the quartet Martin Sweet, Peter London, Eric Young and lead vocalist Simon Cruz. Their debut Rest In Sleaze from 2005 was very highly regarded. The Unattractive Revolution was not quite as good, and now with Generation Wild they are back to give everybody a new kick where it hurts.
10 new songs to brighten up the atmosphere:
Armageddon is an introduction to people who have never heard of before, they get a bowl of cold water in the face and only a small handkerchief to wipe it off. Not enough to clear away the damage, but sufficient to get you interested. So Alive is played with howling and screaming guitars and describe fully what Crashdïet's sleaze sound is about. Generation Wild shows that the band also play very original rock'n'roll with a master touch. Rebel with this song you are maybe still fighting to get the water off your face, but the tempo here is very high, a happy song that gives the listener no rest. Save Her is a soft sleaze song, but I find it a little out of balance. This could really have been better. Down With The Dust goes to a foot stomping level with hard drum-orientated guitar driven sleaze rock. Native Nature is unfortunately a little uninspired rock anonymous song, but off course everything can not be at the same high level. Chemical comes in with high speed rock with special ideas that sounds a little alternative, but full of quality. Bound To Fall goes all the way, just proves that the ambitions holds. Solid rock'n'roll. Finally the last song Beautiful Pain is a powerful ballad about childhood dreams regarding growing up, getting a good life. But the singers dreams turns out painful as there is a girl involved. Sometimes these things turns out better than others.
Generally a good and well-made album, but some of the songs could have been a little longer. It wouldn't hurt to get a little more essence stuffed in, that would have given it some more content.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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