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On disc: Covered Call

Impact - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(AOR Heaven - 2013)

Some might remember Covered Call and will be delighted that the Swedish present a new album. Others won't know the band, but will be interesting in them due to singer Göran Edman.

The guys kick off with Lorraine, an 80's hard rock tune which shows the direction. The track needs a few spins to show it's potential. Not overly catchy, but soon it'll haunt you. At When The Lights Are Out guitarists Joel Carlsson and Morgan Rosenqvist can show their skills. One of the highlights is Hold On, a track with a Leppard-esque chorus. And it's followed by Make A Wish, a cool tune with different elements. The up-tempo rocker When I'm Gone sticks out a bit - and is another highlight. This tune is pure fun. The closer Last Goodbye reminds me a bit of Tyketto... But also with a dash of sleaze. Personally I don't like the way the song ends, but that just me.

Fans of Göran Edman won't hesitate to get a copy of Covered Call's Impact, but every fan of 80's hard rock should check out the album! It's fun.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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