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On disc: Courageous

- Downfall Of Honesty - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Downfall Of Honesty

Downfall Of Honesty
(Mausoleum Records - 2006)

The German band Courageous is around for more then a decade and but they really started off in 1998 with the release of Listen. After releasing 2 self-produced albums they signed to Mausoleum Records and this is the second release for the Belgium label.
The band of singer Chris Staubach is presenting thrashy power metal on a high level. The title track Downfall Of Honesty is an up-tempo rocker with heavy riffs, thrashy vocals and a catchy chorus. On Praise Thy Name they have fast thrashy parts with hammering drums, pounding bass and heavy riffs, but it's the vocals which make this one stick out. Chris changes between thrashy shouts and very melodic parts - here the backings and lead vocals melt together. Nice guitar solo after a slower, almost Floyd-ish part. A great song, but perhaps a bit too early on the album, coz it gives a wrong idea about Courageous...
With The System Has Failed they deliver an old school thrash songs, even if the chorus is quite melodic and even catchy.
The quintet is doing a walk on the razors edge between melodic choruses and thrashy riffs... Between power metal and old school thrash. They found their musical way and with a bigger label they would have a good chance to get internationally known.
Well, let's see what the future holds for them....

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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