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On disc: CounterIgnition

Demo - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
Spit Or Swallow - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Spit Or Swallow

Spit Or Swallow
(self-released - 2011)

The new album from CounterIgnitioN is a refreshing bunch of sparkling songs with massive trashy growls combined with a groovy sound going from strength to strength. Part of their material could be much better, but their are good aspects in Ordinary Mortal Man and Sell Your Soul, and I find the best song to be Life Sentenced, that's give a soft metal sound with the gates almost bursting heavily to give way for a more massive attack. If they work a bit more on the songwriting this could be an interesting band to follow in the future.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


Demo 2008

(self-released - 2008)

CounterIgnition was founded in 2006 and arose from the ashes of Serbian bands Ambush and StrikeBack. This is their first demo and the 5 track piece shows them based in modern thrash metal, but they have more to show than that! And so after starting slowly into Life Sentenced they speed up. The thrashy passages are influenced by Bay Area bands, but with breaks they head into mid-paced parts and melodic interludes. The voice of guitarist Aleksandar Krchulj is deep and raspy. At the slow / mid-paced instrumental passages they even have a progressive edge, but before it gets too much for the listener they storm off again. CounterIgnition manage to keep the listener interested in the lengthy Life Sentenced. More straight forward is Ordinary Mortal Man which crosses the boarders to melodic death metal, but at the same time surprises with very melodic backings. And you even find other sounds woven into this track. With powerful riffing they start into Fight which is kicking off with a power metal part and is dominated by the guitars of Aleksandar Krchulj and Mladen Kosovac. It ain't an instrumental tune, but vocals are very reduced - and almost drown in the wall of guitars. Breaks and speed changes make it more interesting. The last tune is called The End Of Mine - and leads them back to the thrashy melodic death metal - for a bit -, but with a catchy guitar melody. And even the vocals may hook you up. A bit faster again and more raw, but the guitars take off the edge a bit. A hymn-like tune which later is more power metal and then you even get a neo-classical guitar part. Last, but not least a slow, melodic part. Actually it ain't easy to categorize the sound of the Serbians.
If you like old school thrash and aren't into other sounds, then this one isn't interesting for you. But if you like it thrashy, but with some variety and open to new blends, then go to and download it for free. And I recommend to take a look around, coz you will find a lot interesting free music there!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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