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On disc: Corrosion Of Conformity

Corrosion Of Conformity - Lars Bj°rn - 6 stars

Corrosion Of Conformity

Corrosion Of Conformity
(Candlelight Records - 2012)

It has been almost 30 years since Corrosion Of Conformity first time stuck it's head up, since then it has been a number of changes in the band, and even a hiatus from 2004 to 2010, but the band found each other again as the original trio. They are marked by old school metal and has difficulty finding their true self even though they are now back to the beginnings in 1983, their style also circles around the metal rock that was present in the 80's. Their new songs are on their 2012 album which is simply called Corrosion Of Conformity, but they are not putting a strong footprint on their comeback CD. The songs are standard US metal stuff as if they are running on a low octane fuel filled with lots of energy. That is the impression you get when you hear what they have to offer these days. River Of Stone has a load of pressure and rocks very fine, but the rusty voice of Mike Dean drags the outcome downwards. Leeches is a better song, they steps in the path of their idols Mot÷rhead and gets a real rocker on the score sheet. Your Tomorrow gets also the thumbs up with quality driven fast metal with genuine guitars and drums. They also try a doom metal song which is simply called The Doom, and here they force their way onward and gets a better result. What We Become is the best song on the entire album, melodic fast metal where they again put lots of energy in the guitars and that gives a better song, as they deserve. But totally the quality is not what could be expected from the Americans.

6 stars

Lars Bj°rn


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