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On disc: Cooper Inc.

Pulling The Trigger - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Pulling The Trigger

Pulling The Trigger
(CTM Christones Music - 2009)

With Cooper Inc.'s Pulling The Trigger another treat for hard rock fans is out now! The German-Dutch cooperation stepped into the spotlight with a 5-track EP called Your Trip Begins Here and afterwards they played some club shows and opened up for Toto in Germany. Now they have their full-length debut ready and with producer Michael Voss the songs got the perfect sound to shine. Songs like All Of You and Rain - incl. a guitar solo of Doug Aldrich - are powerful balladesque rock songs with catchy hooks. Never Let You Go is a balladesque rock tune which sound be aired on rock radio... Fans of Richie Sambora's solo stuff should dig this. Btw, John Cuipers' vocals partly sounding a bit like Jon Bon Jovi... Btw, some might recognize his voice as he's the singer of Ayreon. With Dja Vu they start to rock! The fast rocker has a dash of old Deep Purple, but the vocals give it a different direction. I wonder why they choose 3 melodic rockers to open the album and haven't put this rocker in earlier... A fat heavy rock track is the title track Pulling The Trigger which surely is one of the highlights at the album! The guitar solo is done by Vinny Burns who supports guitarist Christian Tolle on this one. The heavier songs of Cooper Inc are stronger in my opinion, even if the keyboard at the opening and end of Who Gives You The Right seems a bit out of place it's a cool track. Another cool track is Rock My World which every hard rock fan should dig. The keyboard intro of Who Is The One sounds like an adaption of Bon Jovi's Runaway keyboard, but then the song changes direction, goes AOR. The guitar intro of Let Me Out is quite cool, when John Cuipers joins in the guitar gives way for the vocals and the keyboard keep staying in the background. Not a bad one, but not one of their best either... The rocker Voices Within shows them a bit heavier again - and catchy.
Fans of early Whitesnake, old Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper should check out Cooper Inc.! And if you like hard rock with a bit sleaze then you'll find some interesting tunes here. Fans of Pure Inc. should give it a try too, even if Cooper Inc. isn't as heavy as the Swiss, but chances are good you will discover another good album...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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