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On disc: Contradiction

- Contraminated - Volker Raabe - 4 stars


(Self-produced - 2001)

A miracle! This band from Wuppertal (Germany) is still existing?!? The last time I heard from that band was at the days of All We Hate. A long time ago. So, let's see what the guys of Contradiction play nowadays!
The opening track 2001 is showing the musical direction... Old-school trash metal! Next is the balladesque starting The Pain Will Remain which soon speeds up and will make you bang your head. The information sheet says that most song were written years ago. Well, is that up-to-date? And why haven't they released that disc earlier? Is it possible to see where the band is standing musically these days? Many unanswered questions! When they released their excellent debut it was obvious that Contradiction have a lot potential. Unfortunately they never made anything out of their talent and so the band had just released 3 full-length albums and an EP within 12 years. Slayer, Death and other genre bands would have been trashed by the journalists, if they would just release all 3 years a new sign of life.
And now they release just old material. Sorry guys, even if you play old-school metal, the songs shouldn't been aged! Any questions? No, then back to the rehearsing room and write new songs!

4 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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