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On disc: Constancia

Lost And Gone - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Lost And Gone

Lost And Gone
(Frontiers - 2009)

Constancia was found by keyboarder Michael Rosengren and guitarist Janne Stark in 2007. They got Andromeda singer David Fremberg and completed the line-up with bassist Michael Mueller and drummer Peter Svensson. Constancia is following the tradition of Swedish hard rock / melodic metal bands - songs with great hooks. Music to have a good time.
They kick off with Fallen Hero and for a moment the keyboard has something Savatage-esque, but then a guitar part leads you into this pwerful melodic metal track. The catchy melody hooks you up right away. A bit heavier is Trouble Maker with crunchy riffs, a light keyboard melody and powerful vocals. Partly singer David Fremberg adds a dash of aggression... anger. Guitarist Janne Stark is part of the Swedish metal scene since 1980, so talking about his skills is like carrying coals to Newcastle! With piano and touching vocals they start the balladesque Little Big You. Then they add some heavy riffs, but also some great leads. A heavy rocker with a slight progressive edge is The King Is Calling, here the keyboard takes off a bit of the heaviness. The song make me thing of the Hardline debut... Well, the song has not the big early 90's production and that's good, coz these days it would be too much. At Life Is A Mystery they start balladesque, but get heavier. Somehow this song can't keep the level, even if it isn't a bad one... Quite heavy, but with a bombastic keyboard they present I Never Said Goodbye. The vocals are great, even if I think that it would fit better to a hard rock tune... The last track is called like their website and a good choice to end the album, coz it has all their sound elements and a catchy hook. It will make you spin the album again.
Some of my favorites are Save Me and No One Like You - and these tracks should give you an idea what Constancia is all about! Check them out and have a good time!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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