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On disc: Conspiracy

Irremediable - Mike Thompson - 8 stars


(Pulverised Records - 2010)

The sole member of Netherlands-based black metal project Conspiracy is Carpathian Wolf, whom many will know better as Al'Hazred, bassist for Israeli blackened death metal band Melechesh. Irremediable is Conspiracy's third full length album.
A sound very similar to Summoning on their Minas Morgul album greeted my ears as I listened to this album. Everything from the keyboards to the vocals and down to the guitar tone was very very reminiscent of the mighty Austrian Tolkien horde. No bad thing at all I hope you'll agree! Just a few minutes into this album I thought I knew what to expect from the rest of it. I was wrong.
Whilst the album does bear an uncanny, albeit less Tolkien-inspired, resemblance to Summoning's mid-era albums Carpathian Wolf doesn't make the mistake of sounding like a carbon copy. Other influences creep in and sometimes take over. The track Bukovina, for example, sounds more akin to the Theatres Des Vampires song La Danse Macabre Du Vampire from the Italian band's Suicide Vampire album. Again, not a carbon copy but the similarity is unmistakable. End Of Religion, on the other hand incorporates a more traditional metal style with some neat soloing that really catches the ear.
It is this fusion of epic, atmospheric black metal with a real Italian symphonic black vibe and traditional metal that gives Conspiracy an unusual sound of familiar elements used in a different way. The album rarely goes above mid-paced but it provides a captivating listening experience that I highly recommend!

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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