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On disc: Conorach

42 Days / Patriot's Song - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

42 Days / Patriot's Song

42 Days / Patriot's Song
(self-released - 2010)

Conorach are a young and upcoming folk metal band from the Netherlands. This promo contains two songs and can be downloaded for free from their website at
The music presented on this promo CD is very upbeat power metal influenced metal with a folky element.
42 Days begins with a long instrumental section with chugging guitars, good drumming and keyboards which are used to great effect. The vocals appear about halfway through the six minute track and are a welcome addition by this stage, giving the listener that extra dimension in the music and something to sing along to!
Patriot's Song is another upbeat song which begins with some bass guitar and symbols before the song kicks in properly with a great fast riff and more lyrics to sing along to.
The keys don't dominate the music, a pitfall of many bands, but add a nice extra layer underneath the drumming, guitars and bass. The bass sound is very clear and gallops along nicely in true Iron Maiden style.
Unusually for most modern folk metal, the vocals are all clean which calls to mind the more folk /power metal style of Falconer than, say, Ensiferum. Jacco de Wijs doesn't have the largest range I've ever heard, never ascending into power metal screams, but he has a good steady voice which sounds great.
I'd highly recommend Conorach to any fans of upbeat metal music. For those people who like power metal music but cannot stand the high pitched vocalists of the genre you may want to give Conorach a go! Highly enjoyable!

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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