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On disc: Conflicted

Never Be Tamed - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Never Be Tamed

Never Be Tamed
( Nightmare Records - 2011)

Conflicted is a Canadian outfit which was founded in Toronto in 2008. The fivesome are combining classic heavy metal and power metal with progressive elements.

The intro After Too Long is simply opening the album, but with the title track they give a first impression. I know that some say Jason Orton sounds like the young Rob Halford and that's true, even if it doesn't describe the vocals completely. The heavy powerful riffing and the screams remind me a bit of Jag Panzer - spiced up with some progressive elements. At Fallen John Kolodziej's bass is prominent at the opening passage, then Corey Stoll's drums support the vocals. When they go full force they remind me of a mix of Jag Panzer and Symphony X - both are extremely talented bands, just from different genres.
At The Hand Of God Orton sounds a bit different, it fits to the song which is a sonic roller coaster ride. At Stay they add some Oriental sounds which in combination with prog power metal make me think of Kamelot... But then Jason Orton joins in and the distorted vocals give it a different feel... At Heat Me Up they try to give it a catchy edge, but fails me. At I Wish. I Remember they mix genres which did make it any easier to get into it. Luckily Alive is more accessible and almost catchy! Even if this tune isn't representing the album best, I recommend to check it out - and additionally Never Be Tamed and Fallen. The closer Release is another tune which makes it easy for the listener - even if not overly catchy.

The songs are all mid-paced and I miss a real surprise or an ear catcher. But fans of prog power metal who are also in Rob Halford's high-pitched vocals should check out Conflicted.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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