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On disc: Conan's First Date

Effigies - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(self-released - 2010)

The Hungarian band Conan's First Date is offering their first international release, the EP Effigies which combines their debut The Werewolf Rising EP and the newer Effigy EP.
Conan's First Date first offers Effigy EP and kicks off with the title track. A heavy groove and fat riffs dominate the song, partly the Hungarians remind me of Black Label Society - spiced up with a dash Down and Pantera. At Killing Machine Márton Bencze's vocals are less melodic, this time he offers growls and the song is more based in death metal. Actually the four Hungarians combine death metal, thrash metal and Southern Metal elements, but are open to add other sounds as well. Million Miles From Home isn't representing Conan's First Date, but it's an interesting cover of Dune. And who would expect a metal band to cover a techno track? At least it shows that Conan's First Date is a bunch of narrow-minded guys. With Swallow The Sea the first EP ends with a stoner tune. Then spoken words: "And now something completely different!" And they head into The Werewolf Rising EP. The opening track of this EP is a fast, guitar-driven track called Punishment - and again CFD made me think of BLS... At Will Not Remain they surprise with twists and turns. HypoChrist offers a quite melodic vocal line and is probably the best track to get into off The Werewolf Rising...
Effigy is their latest effort and they obviously improved. The sound is better and the songs offer a larger variety. But it shows that Conan's First Date is a band to keep an eye on!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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